Friday, January 10, 2014

Mended Heart Pendant...

I designed the Mended Heart Pendant as a symbol of strength - because the heart is still whole, it's even stronger, and it has more character than just a plain, old heart would.

I designed it because I thought it could represent the people in your life that helped mend a broken heart - by being there. By bringing you soup. By asking if you're okay...for just letting you be.

I designed it because the quote: 

Perhaps strength doesn't reside in having never been broken, but in the courage required to grow strong in the broken places.

I had posted this picture of the Mended Heart with this quote on Facebook: 

 Mended Heart Pendant by Pretty Peacock

and I had over two dozen requests to put the heart on a presentation card - much like our Mother&Daughter Pendant sets - so that it would really encompass the sentiment of the piece when given as a gift.

So, I did:

 Mended Heart Pendant by Pretty Peacock

 Mended Heart Pendant by Pretty Peacock

This makes me really happy.  Not only is the presentation card a lovely way to gift this piece (it also comes in a pretty, black satin Pretty Peacock pouch), you can put the display-worthy quote somewhere that you'll run across it every day (like the desk drawer? or bathroom mirror?).

We all have bruises. We have all had heartbreak in one form or another (or all forms!)'s nice to have a little something to hang onto to make you embrace all of your experiences.  

Don't you think?

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Jennifer said...

It is beautiful! The card just enhances what you have already created.

The Pretty Peacock said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I really love how it turned out... :)