Sunday, June 16, 2013

Clean and Sophisticated - Latitude Longitude Cuff Links

We started our Latitude Longitude Collection many years ago. I'm a huge fan of jewelry that has an air of mystery to it - something that only the wearer and the giver is aware of from the start.  A secret that only the wearer or the giver is inclined to disclose.

Since the inception of the collection, the cuff links have been overwhelmingly welcomed by brides and grooms alike.  The cuff links have provided the perfect finishing touch on a groom's ensemble - that perfectly sentimental bit of awesomeness that the groom can take and pass down along the generations.

The Latitude Longitude cuff links have also been given for anniversary gifts a year - or 50 years - after the big day.

I wanted to simplify the Latitude Longitude Cuff Links by changing the font so it is a little less scripted, and a little more clean.

The clean lines of this typewriter-esque font on the brushed, solid sterling silver really works well together - hopefully like the couple saying their "I do's".

I am privileged enough to hear some amazing stories behind the corresponding coordinates ordered by customers - there have been many stories of boyfriends sending their girlfriends off on scavenger hunts, or geo-cacheing expeditions to find her engagement ring carefully hidden.  Or how a couple met on a research expedition in Antarctica and ended up getting married there, as well (how cool is THAT?!).

I love that the coordinates that are handstamped on these treasures carry deep meaning.  It makes me feel that I was able to immortalize a memory for them in my art.  That makes me feel very blessed to be doing what I am doing.

So, thanks for choosing me - and the flock - to create your special treasures!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Latitude Longitude Charm Bracelet

I love cutesy stuff that doesn't make me gag with the cuteness.

I re-designed our Latitude Longitude You Plus Me charm so that the numbers are more uniform, smaller, and the back has the vintage map compass rose to match the rest of our Latitude Longitude collection.

I also wanted this piece to be connected to a super cool charm bracelet that didn't have any fussy clasps. This one has a toggle clasp, so that it's simple to put on one-handed (or if you have arthritis!).  We even added a sweet, puffed silver heart for that extra bit of lovely detail.


The large links allow you to add on your own charms to commemorate other super special memories from your life.

Each charm is handmade right here in Seattle using recycled sterling silver.

Have an anniversary coming up?  This would make her swooooonnnnn. You may even get some tears.  I promise! :)