Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Half-life Charm Bracelet Project...

I receive a lot of really touching, sentimental custom requests from my customers, but it's rare when I get a request that epitomizes the joys of life in such a geekily-fantastical way that I am inclined to share it (and received permission to do so by the said customer).

First - let me start by saying that my customer and I called this the "Half-life Project" and before any one gets bent out of shape, I am aware that "half-life" means this:

We just did not use the term in that way.

This half-life project had to do with the fact that my customer - we'll call him M. has, as of November 20th, 2013, spent over half his life with his wife R - and he felt the need to celebrate this monumental moment by creating her a charm bracelet that had all the important beginning dates - marriage, first, second, third child...and add in all the numbers of days they have spent together.

Let that sink in:  a dude took the time to think all this through - figure out the exact days he has spent with his wife, calculate what exact date that would be, starting planning THREE MONTHS IN ADVANCE to create this perfectly spectacular gift.

Yup. That's right.

I created the charms that represent the kids with a playing card theme and, just by happy accident, the suit I picked for each child really represented the child's personality well.

I love it when a plan comes together!!

Creating pieces like this that are going to be treasured, remembered, and talked about is exactly why I love doing what I do.  

It does a heart so good to spread joy, doesn't it?

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