Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mini Snow Globe Pendants...with Ms.Maya

My daughter. Maya, might love doing crafts more than I do.  She wanted to create something for her soccer team as an end-of-season little gift just from her. 
E-Crafty is one of my favorite sites to peruse when I want to find something to create with Ms.Maya.  For her soccer buddy project, we decided to make mini snow globe pendants that I'm hoping her teammates will think are pretty cool.
First, let me introduce you to my youngest, little Love, Ms.Maya:
She's a doll, isn't she?  Love her!
Now - gather supplies.
Here's what you need - and you can find all of it at

We first took the 6mm pearl and glued it underneath the 4mm pearl to shape the snowman.  We used a sharpie to make the eyes and mouth and colored in a black area for the "hat" - on some of them, we drew buttons on the body.  
We then glued the whole thing to the bottom of the tiny vials. Use toothpicks to place and secure the snowman to the bottom of the vial - those pearls are SMALL!

Maya had a pretty awesome time making the faces.  We then screwed in the eyelets into the cork stopper and added a drop or two of the epoxy/glue to secure it.

We waited about an hour for all the epoxy to dry.  We used a mason jar and put about two ounces of water (I recommend distilled) and a few drops of glycerin and swirled it all around.

Using a plastic pipette (an eyedropper would have worked well, too) to fill the vials with water to just under the first ridge.

We sprinkled some of the fine silver into the vial (we used Martha Stewart brand silver in Sterling).

We used a few more drops of epoxy around the cork stopper and sealed the vials up.  We waited another little stint of time (30 - 45 minutes) and then ran the chain through.

I had a bunch of fun green, damask pouches hanging around the studio, so we packaged them all up in those.

And here's the final result:

A happy Ms.Maya, some beautiful, handmade treasures for an awesome soccer team, and some super special Mom and Maya time - it's a triple win! :)

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Allie Gunter said...

What an adorable craft!

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