Friday, September 27, 2013

I {heart} personalized jewelry...

I know that's probably no surprise at all, but I L O V E personalized jewelry.  Don't get me wrong: I love wearing big 'ol statement pieces sometimes that make people from three miles away "OOH" and "AHHH"...but the pieces that make it onto my being on a daily basis, the ones that get asked about at dinner parties and leave the ask-er (is that a word?) speechless because they are just so darn touched by it all - THAT'S the stuff I love.

This piece was created to commemorate the life and the love of a customer's dog - a little something she can carry with with her (because up until now, she has been carrying Dakota's dog tags around with her) to keep Dakota close to her always.  Something that can remind her of that incredible love and bond between animal and human.

The grief you feel when he/she is gone...inexplicable. 

I am so beyond honored to create something that can provide just a little bit of makes me feel so amazingly blessed.


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