Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Creativity and Intelligence...

Back in 2011, Psychology Today's Jonathon Wai published an article asking, "If you are creative, are you also intelligent?" I thought the article, found here, was pretty interesting.  There's been all this talk about how countries such as China and Japan are adopting more of the "American" sense of education so that their students are encouraged to be more creative, rather than just adhere to the 'rote learning' that Asian countries are known for.

Bill Gates was quoted in the article and said (something along these lines) that considering that Japan creates some of the most creative, imaginative video games in the world...there has to be some creative folks lurking about (not to mention that Japan = anime, Pokemon, Yugi-Oh!...and all sorts of other creatively awesome good stuff).

I am drawn to this whole idea of creativity and intelligence because being raised by parents from the Asian continent, I was held to incredibly high academic standards, but being creative (drawing, writing stories, playing music, singing songs) was kind of expected.  That makes me think that most Asian parents do the same thing (no science or statistical backing on this claim at all).  
What I truly believe is this quote from Einstein: Creativity is Intelligence having fun.  
Now I'm just hoping that MineCraft is considered a creative activity, because if so, our children are practicing this in spades. :)

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