Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Splashes of Color for Summertime Bling...

The Pretty Peacock is filled with jewelry that means something to the wearer. It's meant to inspire and motivate you, take you back to a special place or time, remind you of love itself.  I adore the jewelry that has made The Pretty Peacock the special place customers come to to find that piece of jewelry that is going to bring sentimental joy to the wearer.


I also love wearing jewelry that makes you feel daringly glamorous.  I have not designed statement pieces for The Pretty Peacock, yet, but I think my recent little endeavor in expanding my own jewelry wardrobe has left me wanting to create some colorful beauties with giant bling.  I want to create pieces that you are going to want to wear with those Summer dresses just so they catch the sunlight and blind the nearest person (in the very nicest way possible).

Colorful Experiments with The Pretty Peacock

Here's a sampling of some fun, colorful statement pieces that I am definitely going to be wearing this Summer - whether it's with that elegant whatever-I-plan-to-wear to various weddings, to the more casual wear to the local pool with the kids.  I guarantee you I will get a bunch of "ooh's" and "ahh's"...and I love that type of thing (and who doesn't?) ! :)

This royal purple color has me swooning!

This is my favorite little set...

Made this set for my mama! :)
 There will be a lot more color this season from TPP...I guarantee you that!  Let me know your thoughts!

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