Friday, March 29, 2013

Wedding Day Cuff Links and Bouquet Charms

In all the chaos that ensues on the day of the wedding, there aren't too many things that you can hang onto as tangible memories of the day. Sure, you'll have a zillion photos, your dress will likely be preserved in a big box that will reside in the back of your closet, maybe your bouquet will even be dried and pressed and kept somewhere.

But what about something that can be passed down, and even worn long after the day has passed?

The Pretty Peacock is a romantic. Yup, that pretty bird loves the idea of having all sorts of meaningful info artistically arranged on a small piece of jewelry so that it can be worn with sweet nostalgia. *sigh*

So, we came up with some lovelies that you can keep forever.

The Wedding Day Cuff Links come in two variations:

One has the latitude longitude coordinates of the engagement (or first kiss, perhaps) location along with the initials of you and your betrothed (or soon-to-be-such) with the second link having the coordinates of the wedding venue and the date.

The other option is to have one set of special coordinates and the wedding date (or engagement date...or whatever other special date) with the initials in the center, and the second link having the wedding date and coordinates of the wedding venue with the initials in the middle. This variation is awesome for those who need symmetry!

The You + Me Charms make the most lovely of bouquet-turn-awesome-keepsake-pendant charm. You can do whatever you like with this: initials in the center, then you can have the wedding date in Roman Numerals (or regular numerals), coordinates of wedding venue, engagement, maybe both? Even if you didn't come across these beauties in time for your wedding, you can still have one to love and hold now! Or, drop some hints for an upcoming anniversary (we do have a wish list that is easily email-able!).

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fresh for Spring ~ Straight from the Studio

Spring has technically begun, but Mother Nature hasn't really agreed, yet. Here, in the Pacific Northwest, we were greeted by Spring with a rambunctious display of pea-sized hail and 40 mph winds.

In anticipation of this, loveliest of seasons, I have created some new designs that I hope embrace the idea of happiness, sweetness, and all things good. They are perfect for Mother's Day, which is right around the corner!

The first piece is the You + Me Sweet Love Hand Carved Charm. Crafted from recycled fine silver, this charm pays homage to that sweet kind of love - the kind that makes you want to draw hearts and put initials all over the place. You can have some nice liittle words, maybe names, or a special date handwritten onto the back of the charm just to amp the sweetness level up a bit.

The next piece is the Definition of Family pendant set. I love multiple, little pieces of beauty on the same chain, especially when each one holds special meaning. The trick is to make sure all those lovelies are small enough not to make me feel like I'm toting around a ton of stuff around my neck. This one has single initials (for the kids), a charm with a heart and some names (for the parents), the "definition" piece, and a gold vermeil heart charm. This piece is cool because you can add on more initial pieces if your family isn't done growing.

The Sweet Circle Initial Charms are a fresh take on those plain, boring initial pendants. These have
some character - and a pretty pattern on the reverse (like all Pretty Peacock pieces) - we always want you to be looking at something beautiful. You can add on birthstone, which has made these necklaces very popular bridesmaids gifts! (we can even find the perfect shade of stone to match the wedding colors).

My new favorite piece are these super, duper special Personalized Signature Charms. My kids are ten and seven. I don't know how they got that old so quickly. The days of scrawled, letter backwards, sweet notes of "I love you, Mom" are going to be very distant memories before I know it, so I wanted to capture their exact words into silver. These are keepsakes I'm going to hang onto and run my fingers over each letter
for years to come. This is a Mother's Day gift that will definitely bring some tears to Mom's eyes!

Want to be rewarded for getting a jumpstart on your Mother's Day shopping?

Order by April 10th, 2013 and use discount code: MAMA2013 to get 25% off your entire order.
Happy Spring, Everyone!