Thursday, November 1, 2012

Storybook Personalized Pendants

I haven't worn a piece of "mom" jewelry in quite some time, which is odd since I do what I do...but, I'm not one to wear something that so overtly screams out, "HEY, I'M A MOM!!!"  Not that I'm hiding from that fact, because, honestly, those little buggers are darn cute and I have no problem claiming them.  But, I just don't love the idea of everyone else knowing their know?

I do love the idea of mom jewelry because it's kind of nice to look down and see something that reminds you of the little people in your life that make it whole.

I designed my Storybook Pendants with the idea of subtly and substance in mind.  I have a strange obsession with stationary - pens, paper, wax seals, notebooks...I love all that kind of stuff and I absolutely adore the Wax Seal Initial Pendants (so popular with brides this past wedding season!)  and wanted to create another wax seal-y like piece.

The Storybook Pendant has a storybook-esque font and a cool set of numbers to represent the date.  I need to have some heft to my pendants, so the Storybook is a weighty bit of solid, (eco-friendly) fine silver.  

The peacock chain is a new thing that I'm going to likely offer with every piece I make. And wearing a long chain is just the way to go - ESPECIALLY in the colder seasons, when layering is a necessity.  :)

There is one for couples, too!  This one makes a lovely wedding bouquet charm that can then be worn as a pendant long after the big day has passed.  YAY!

I just released the Storybook line last week.  I think that anyone who is a mother, knows a mother, has an anniversary they share with another person that they should not forget, and appreciates eco-friendly, handmade, personalized jewelry would be super happy wearing this pendant.

Let me know your thoughts - I'd love to hear them!

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