Thursday, October 4, 2012

Breast Cancer and Bullying...

October is a pretty fabulous month:  Autumn is settling in, the kids are in school full swing, you still have some breathing room before the chaos of the holidays becomes reality.

It's also the month that focuses on Breast Cancer and Anti-bullying.  Both of these topics make October the month of STRENGTH for me.

Strength in ourselves, strength in our communities

Each and every one of us has been touched by someone, or someone's someone who has or is battling breast cancer.  My favorite English teacher in high school lost her battle when I was a senior and there was nothing like watching a fiercely intelligent and fireball of a woman give that cancer a run for its money.

Anti-bullying awareness was not around when we were kids.  My children have the good fortune of their school bringing in speakers and putting on assemblies that shed light on the kind of personal devastation that bullying does to a child, a family, a community.  I am so grateful that they are being taught lessons in compassion and friendship in a way that makes them understand how their personal actions affect another human being.

This month, The Pretty Peacock is donating a part of the proceeds from the sale of our Sanskrit Wrap Bracelets to two, amazing organizations:

There are A LOT of foundations and organizations out there, so we had to do our research when choosing where we wanted donate.  We chose The Breast Cancer Research Foundation based on the ratings from  You can find their ratings here. I want to know - and you should to - exactly what percentage of my donation goes where.  If 90% go to administrative fees, there's a problem!  The Breast Cancer Research Foundation had excellent ratings, so I feel good knowing that the money donated will actually go to the research they are promising.

Stand for the Silent really tugged at my heartstrings. Kirk and Laura Smalley are the parents of a child who killed himself due to bullying (he took his own life after being suspended from school for retaliating against bullies who had tormented for two years).  Their mission is to educate kids on the realities of bullying by travelling and speaking to schools all over the United States.

Please help us in spreading the word on these two, phenomenal organizations and help us support them in making a difference.

We will be donating up until November 5th. Please help spread the word!

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