Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Magic and Allure of the Spiral...

The hypnotic-awsesomeness of a spiral is something that has intrigued me since I was a wee, hillbilly-like, East Indian child growing up in the quiet mud hills of rural Georgia.

I love spiral staircases, spiral curls, Spiro-graph (do you remember that game?)...spirals are interesting and complex in their simple elegance.

So, yeah, I like them.

Which is what inspired me to make my Inspirals in a spiral shape.  I love text on jewelry, but sometimes wearing a tiny little billboard gets to me - there isn't really anything interesting about wearing a tiny billboard, is there?

I have had a version of this type of spiral pendant since I started creating jewelry back in 2008.  But I always had the text on the inside and the pattern on the outside.  I love the feel and look of the texture, but the text kind of got lost in the whole design.

So, there was a re-vamp earlier this year, which took a bit more time to design and create where the texture was on the inside.

I have started with seven 'sayings' - Anam Cara ~ Soul Friend that has a Celtic knot pattern on the inside, Sanskrit Abhaya ~ Fearless that has a mendhi/henna pattern, Sanskrit Shakti ~ Strength also with a mendhi/henna pattern, You are Loved ~ Always with a mendhi/henna pattern, A Mother's Love Knows No End that has a floral pattern, Sanskrit Yodha ~ Warrior with a mendhi/henna pattern, and a French quote about gratitude from author Jean Baptiste Massieu. 

Each one is handcrafted by yours truly and made using eco-friendly Sterling Silver.

There will be a bunch more added as the months go by and I hope that you will suggest text/quotes that are meaningful to you!

Right now, until September 18th, you can get 40% off any of the Original 7 Inspirals - use discount code INTRO2012


Carmen said...

This pendant is beautifully simple which makes each piece unique and exquisite.

The Pretty Peacock said...

Thank you so much for your kind words!