Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Geek Mom Love...

I just started reading this great blog that is connected to the ultimate of cool geekness and gadgetry, Wired.

For all you moms out there who love the ThinkGeek catalog and get all giddy when you see anything ninja-related, then you are in the right company.

My sister always considered herself the geek in the family - with her love of books, solitude and all things sci-fi, but there is no way you grow up in a household like mine and not walk out of it with a hefty supply of geekiness running through your veins.

THEN I married a total techie-geek and my 60 year old son trapped in a 9 year old body came along, sprinkle in my Minecraft-loving 6 year old daughter - all of whom love to sit around watching Mythbusters at dinner time (don't judge) - and there really is no escaping all the geeky goodness.

That's why I love coming up with jewelry pieces that are geek-esque, like the Latitude Longitude line and the Roman Numerals.  They aren't CRAZY geeky, but a touch, just a touch.

And now, for the Fall, I just created the Exponential Mom pendants. Now, for someone who grew up under the watchful eye of an Engineer father and had to finish math books over Summer break, my love for math is not strong.  BUT - these are pretty darn cool.

A little play on math-iness and some bling.  That should even things out. :)  I think Dad would be proud.


Mistel said...

I love your pendants and I can totally relate to wanting to create and wear geeky jewelry.

Your entire geeky family sounds awesome. As a mom-to-be I can only hope that the child I am bearing will live up to the geekieness of its parents! :)

The Pretty Peacock said...

Thanks for the sweet words, Mistel! Congrats on your upcoming new addition!!! SUCH an exciting time. And don't you worry: I think it's pretty much impossible for the geekiness to not be passed down. Both of my children (9 and 6) are playing Minecraft as I type this and quizzing each other on Pokemon characters simultaneously. Good times. :)