Sunday, June 3, 2012

Father's Day 2012 ~ A Tie-less Occasion

It's weird to me that Father's Day isn't as big of a deal in the U.S. as Mother's Day is - I mean, months before Mother's Day happens, you are bombarded with commercials about flowers and jewelry, there are Mother's Day brunches going on all over...but for Father's Day, there doesn't seem to be nearly as much of a hoopla.

And I get it: Mother's are the super awesome and are basically superheroes, but come on now: Dads are equally as awesome and should be celebrated as such.

Now, I can't convince everyone to start doing a Father's Day brunch - though, I do love brunch and that may be something I need to pursue, you know, in the name of Father's Day and all, but I can offer some cool and unique gift options for dear old Dad that don't include a tie or a shirt...or socks. That's just tacky.

Here are some great ideas, if I do say so myself:

Tiny Touch Key Chain Fob

This where you take your budding Picasso's artwork and we put it onto silver so that Dad can admire and gaze upon it with his heart full of warmth and loveliness.  Also is a great choice for Grandpa. They eat this sort of thing up big time.

Latitude and Longitude Leather Bracelets

This bracelet can have the coordinates of where junior was born. Or, ahem, conceived. Whatever strikes your fancy.

Custom Guitar Pics

For those Dads who love to rock, these little beauties are just the ticket.  Each one is created using eco-friendly fine silver and then you can put some names on it, have a pattern (or not) and have a birthstone, or several small ones embedded to show off the birth months of all the little tykes he helped make. :)

Dog Tag Pendant

A classic, but for good reason. Not only will no one make fun of him for wearing a necklace, they will all be super jealous that his kids love him more than their kids do.  That's right. I said it.

So, enjoy pursuing the Father's Day Gift Guide that we so helpfully put together and make sure you order by JUNE 5th so that your gift can reach you in time to actually give!! :)

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