Monday, May 21, 2012

1 4 3...I Love You...Geek Love

Once upon a time, long before cell phones and texting...there were pagers.  Those cute little devices ran rampant on my college campus.  My boyfriend and I would text all sorts of secret little codes to each other to let the other know cutesy, little, lovey-dovey stuff.

Apparently, we missed one.  Maybe it came before our time, or maybe we weren't all that geeky (if you knew us, you would laugh out loud right now), but we missed the whole 1 4 3 meaning "I love you".

No worries, though.  I created a charm that has these sweet numbers in Roman numerals.  To the passer-by it would only be some cryptic set of letters, but to the wearer it would be a reminder that they are loved, without having to be all outwardly sappy about it.

Each charm has a pretty henna/mendhi pattern on the back and we can wire wrap your favorite birthstone right into the chain.

We can even put in some initials in the back...just for fun.

If you are interested in a piece like this, contact us: and we can help you create something awesomely geeky!

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