Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Peacock Themed Weddings...

The pride of the peacock is the Glory of God. ~ William Blake

The gemstone-rich colors, the elegant lines, the whimsical flow...there is a good reason why all-things-peacock are a huge trend for weddings.

Not only does the peacock symbolize good luck, awakening, vision, royalty, refinement and a bunch of other super-awesome stuff, that bird is just flat out breath-taking, so it's a perfect choice for anything wedding related.

I picked out some of my favorite peacock wedding lovelies...

Peacock Feather boutonnieres from Rationale.  It's so important to find a well-made peacock-feather accessory. So many are not created with quality materials and can fall apart on you on your big day.
Rationale wraps their feathers tightly and you can see the care that went into creating these perfect details.

Oh my yummy is this???!  Created by Mermaids Dream, a silky clutch for the bride and her girls - something that everyone can still hang onto and enjoy long after the big day is over.

Wedding favors!!  These are magnets created by Stuck Together Magnets and they are PERSONALIZED!! 

Here's another fun idea: hang these beautiful peacock tags by Anista Designs onto some decorative branches (maybe as a table setting?) and guests can write their good wishes to the bride and groom...a "wish tree"!! 

And a little bling for the big day - this clasp-less peacock feather pendant by The Pretty Peacock can be customized with your wedding colors, the bride and groom's birthstone, or created with just some clear sparkle.


Melissa-WhatMommyWants said...

I wish I had thought to add peacock designs to my wedding 7 years ago! This is such a gorgeous theme! Perhaps an renewal is order, lol. The claspless peacock feather necklace is one of my favorite pieces! I would wear it all the time! Simply stunning!

The Pretty Peacock said...

Thank you for your kind words! A renewal??! That's an INCREDIBLE idea!! :)