Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get Your Holiday Shopping ON!!!

I know it's barely November, but, unfortunately or not, we need to start preparing for the holidays!

ESPECIALLY if you are looking for artisan-made, personalized awesomeness!

The Pretty Peacock is offering a 20% discount and free shipping on the ENTIRE site if you place your order by November 11th (midnight, PST) using coupon code: EARLYBIRD12.

We also just introduced this super sweet Tree of Life Birthstone Pendant at an introductory price of $20 OFF (without a discount code!!) - you can combine our Early Bird special with this one and save!!!

So, go get your shopping started - you'll feel better knowing that you've got something under control!! :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Grandma and Nana Get Pretty...

I have had a ton of requests for Grandmother jewelry - up until now, I have only created custom pieces.  

Now The Pretty Peacock is offering a 'grandma' and 'nana' pendant OR you can request a custom pendant with the special name that you use for 'grandma' at your house.

The best part of these pendants is that you can add on Swarovski birthstones, which means that even if the family is not done growing, you can keep adding on birthstones as new members arrive!

Each pendant is solid, eco-friendly sterling silver and has an ornate pattern on the reverse (true to Pretty Peacock style).

There is nothing like the love of a grandmother...isn't this a sweet way to tell them you love them?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Storybook Personalized Pendants

I haven't worn a piece of "mom" jewelry in quite some time, which is odd since I do what I do...but, I'm not one to wear something that so overtly screams out, "HEY, I'M A MOM!!!"  Not that I'm hiding from that fact, because, honestly, those little buggers are darn cute and I have no problem claiming them.  But, I just don't love the idea of everyone else knowing their names...you know?

I do love the idea of mom jewelry because it's kind of nice to look down and see something that reminds you of the little people in your life that make it whole.

I designed my Storybook Pendants with the idea of subtly and substance in mind.  I have a strange obsession with stationary - pens, paper, wax seals, notebooks...I love all that kind of stuff and I absolutely adore the Wax Seal Initial Pendants (so popular with brides this past wedding season!)  and wanted to create another wax seal-y like piece.

The Storybook Pendant has a storybook-esque font and a cool set of numbers to represent the date.  I need to have some heft to my pendants, so the Storybook is a weighty bit of solid, (eco-friendly) fine silver.  

The peacock chain is a new thing that I'm going to likely offer with every piece I make. And wearing a long chain is just the way to go - ESPECIALLY in the colder seasons, when layering is a necessity.  :)

There is one for couples, too!  This one makes a lovely wedding bouquet charm that can then be worn as a pendant long after the big day has passed.  YAY!

I just released the Storybook line last week.  I think that anyone who is a mother, knows a mother, has an anniversary they share with another person that they should not forget, and appreciates eco-friendly, handmade, personalized jewelry would be super happy wearing this pendant.

Let me know your thoughts - I'd love to hear them!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Breast Cancer and Bullying...

October is a pretty fabulous month:  Autumn is settling in, the kids are in school full swing, you still have some breathing room before the chaos of the holidays becomes reality.

It's also the month that focuses on Breast Cancer and Anti-bullying.  Both of these topics make October the month of STRENGTH for me.

Strength in ourselves, strength in our communities

Each and every one of us has been touched by someone, or someone's someone who has or is battling breast cancer.  My favorite English teacher in high school lost her battle when I was a senior and there was nothing like watching a fiercely intelligent and fireball of a woman give that cancer a run for its money.

Anti-bullying awareness was not around when we were kids.  My children have the good fortune of their school bringing in speakers and putting on assemblies that shed light on the kind of personal devastation that bullying does to a child, a family, a community.  I am so grateful that they are being taught lessons in compassion and friendship in a way that makes them understand how their personal actions affect another human being.

This month, The Pretty Peacock is donating a part of the proceeds from the sale of our Sanskrit Wrap Bracelets to two, amazing organizations:

There are A LOT of foundations and organizations out there, so we had to do our research when choosing where we wanted donate.  We chose The Breast Cancer Research Foundation based on the ratings from Charitynavigator.org.  You can find their ratings here. I want to know - and you should to - exactly what percentage of my donation goes where.  If 90% go to administrative fees, there's a problem!  The Breast Cancer Research Foundation had excellent ratings, so I feel good knowing that the money donated will actually go to the research they are promising.

Stand for the Silent really tugged at my heartstrings. Kirk and Laura Smalley are the parents of a child who killed himself due to bullying (he took his own life after being suspended from school for retaliating against bullies who had tormented for two years).  Their mission is to educate kids on the realities of bullying by travelling and speaking to schools all over the United States.

Please help us in spreading the word on these two, phenomenal organizations and help us support them in making a difference.

We will be donating up until November 5th. Please help spread the word!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Magic and Allure of the Spiral...

The hypnotic-awsesomeness of a spiral is something that has intrigued me since I was a wee, hillbilly-like, East Indian child growing up in the quiet mud hills of rural Georgia.

I love spiral staircases, spiral curls, Spiro-graph (do you remember that game?)...spirals are interesting and complex in their simple elegance.

So, yeah, I like them.

Which is what inspired me to make my Inspirals in a spiral shape.  I love text on jewelry, but sometimes wearing a tiny little billboard gets to me - there isn't really anything interesting about wearing a tiny billboard, is there?

I have had a version of this type of spiral pendant since I started creating jewelry back in 2008.  But I always had the text on the inside and the pattern on the outside.  I love the feel and look of the texture, but the text kind of got lost in the whole design.

So, there was a re-vamp earlier this year, which took a bit more time to design and create where the texture was on the inside.

I have started with seven 'sayings' - Anam Cara ~ Soul Friend that has a Celtic knot pattern on the inside, Sanskrit Abhaya ~ Fearless that has a mendhi/henna pattern, Sanskrit Shakti ~ Strength also with a mendhi/henna pattern, You are Loved ~ Always with a mendhi/henna pattern, A Mother's Love Knows No End that has a floral pattern, Sanskrit Yodha ~ Warrior with a mendhi/henna pattern, and a French quote about gratitude from author Jean Baptiste Massieu. 

Each one is handcrafted by yours truly and made using eco-friendly Sterling Silver.

There will be a bunch more added as the months go by and I hope that you will suggest text/quotes that are meaningful to you!

Right now, until September 18th, you can get 40% off any of the Original 7 Inspirals - use discount code INTRO2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Geek Mom Love...

I just started reading this great blog that is connected to the ultimate of cool geekness and gadgetry, Wired.

For all you moms out there who love the ThinkGeek catalog and get all giddy when you see anything ninja-related, then you are in the right company.

My sister always considered herself the geek in the family - with her love of books, solitude and all things sci-fi, but there is no way you grow up in a household like mine and not walk out of it with a hefty supply of geekiness running through your veins.

THEN I married a total techie-geek and my 60 year old son trapped in a 9 year old body came along, sprinkle in my Minecraft-loving 6 year old daughter - all of whom love to sit around watching Mythbusters at dinner time (don't judge) - and there really is no escaping all the geeky goodness.

That's why I love coming up with jewelry pieces that are geek-esque, like the Latitude Longitude line and the Roman Numerals.  They aren't CRAZY geeky, but a touch, just a touch.

And now, for the Fall, I just created the Exponential Mom pendants. Now, for someone who grew up under the watchful eye of an Engineer father and had to finish math books over Summer break, my love for math is not strong.  BUT - these are pretty darn cool.

A little play on math-iness and some bling.  That should even things out. :)  I think Dad would be proud.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Harry Potter and Our Double Wrap Leather Bracelet...

I created this custom piece for a client who needed a special something for her baby sis.  This is a double wrapped leather bracelet with a sterling plate and hand stamped text.

And who wouldn't love that quote?? :)

If you're interested in our double wrap bracelet, let us know! info@thprettypeacock.com

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pretty Peridot...

I love the color green.  To me, it represents life, vitality, vigor.  Peridot is one of my favorite gemstones due to its incredibly lively green color (almost mysterious in its hue) and August's illustrious birthstone.

Peridot in Raw Form

Peridot is SUCH an awesome hue that Chanel even made it a nail polish shade:

Which would go quite nicely with this Peridot frock:

I've been playing around with peridot to create some components for a few jewelry pieces I'm creating for an upcoming wedding:

What are your favorite peridot pieces?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Grandparents Day Gifts...

Grandparents day is next month (September 9th) and this is the perfect time to get your act together so you can present those lovely people who gave you life with something special.

Here are some our best sellers for the grandmothers out there:

Family Cluster Pendant 


Family Stone Pendant

Love Tag

We didn't forget about the granddads!

Tiny Touch ~ Take your little Picasso's special drawing for grandpa and have it put onto a super cool silver key fob, or dog tag pendant! 

Personalized Dog Tag Pendant - Just change "Dad" to "Papa" or whatever cutesy nickname your kids call grandpa!
Grandparents Day is September 9th, 2012 - order early (deadline for orders is August 19th).

Monday, July 30, 2012

Super Awesome Gifts for the Groom(smen)...

I think it's pretty tough to come up with a gift for your groom that will be awesome enough to 'wow' him and classic enough that it can be passed down if you are into that sort of thing.  It's equally as difficult to come up with gifts for the groomsmen that isn't just another flask with his initials on it.

Here's some cool and creative ideas the groom and his men on the special day:

How cool is this??!  Give a Caricature is a company out of Arizona that creates custom gifts for the groomsmen (and bridesmaids) that is sure to secure a spot on his wall or desk.

Seriously, who would not want a bobblehead of themselves? Whoopass Enterprises (man, I wish I had thought of that name first) has an awesome array of custom bobbleheads that can match the theme and/or personality of your wedding or the dude who will be the lucky recipient of this piece of art.

When you live in Microbrew Country like I do, this is would be THE gift to give the groomsmen: A Custom Beer Flight Sampler. Complete with mini pilsners and personalization.

Now, for your groom, you probably want something a little more personal, sentimental, super sweet and all that good stuff...
This is the type of thing that makes your heart smile just looking at it.  The Sugared Plums creates a variety of frames with the perfect words and layout that will bring a tear to your guy's eye. :)

And for that tear...A personalized handkerchief from Mister and Mrs will do the trick.

And for a lot of sentimental value with a touch of geekery, how about some State shaped cufflinks?
The Pretty Peacock creates a line of cufflinks that come in the shape of a State, or circles, but always holds a lot of personalization options (and, they are eco-friendly!).  

So, take a little time to find something extra special perfect for your big day.  The details matter and gifts should be from the heart!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom: Decide TO BE HAPPY!

Why is this so easier said than done?  Could it be the day to day grind? The bills? The kids fighting? Relationship issues? Bad hair days? Skewed self image?  

Um, maybe.

BUT - what's the point of focusing on all the garbage of our lives when that just makes us overlook all the good?  

I'm done having that type of hideous tunnel vision. Done, I say.

Starting today, I have decided to be happy.

Hope you do, too. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Chic...Owls

Owl inspired accessories shouldn't just be reserved for the Autumn...oh no, no, NO!  Owls are fabulous any time of the year!

I LOVE our Wise Owl pendant with a sweet, Summer dress...check it:

Fresh AND Feisty!

The best part is that you can get your owl with YOUR CHOICE of gemstone!  Here's our little guy in Topaz:



Our Wise Owl pendants are created using eco-friendly silver - responsible luxury!

Photographs courtesy of Quavondo.com
Model: Linzy Slusher

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Father's Day 2012 ~ A Tie-less Occasion

It's weird to me that Father's Day isn't as big of a deal in the U.S. as Mother's Day is - I mean, months before Mother's Day happens, you are bombarded with commercials about flowers and jewelry, there are Mother's Day brunches going on all over...but for Father's Day, there doesn't seem to be nearly as much of a hoopla.

And I get it: Mother's are the super awesome and are basically superheroes, but come on now: Dads are equally as awesome and should be celebrated as such.

Now, I can't convince everyone to start doing a Father's Day brunch - though, I do love brunch and that may be something I need to pursue, you know, in the name of Father's Day and all, but I can offer some cool and unique gift options for dear old Dad that don't include a tie or a shirt...or socks. That's just tacky.

Here are some great ideas, if I do say so myself:

Tiny Touch Key Chain Fob

This where you take your budding Picasso's artwork and we put it onto silver so that Dad can admire and gaze upon it with his heart full of warmth and loveliness.  Also is a great choice for Grandpa. They eat this sort of thing up big time.

Latitude and Longitude Leather Bracelets

This bracelet can have the coordinates of where junior was born. Or, ahem, conceived. Whatever strikes your fancy.

Custom Guitar Pics

For those Dads who love to rock, these little beauties are just the ticket.  Each one is created using eco-friendly fine silver and then you can put some names on it, have a pattern (or not) and have a birthstone, or several small ones embedded to show off the birth months of all the little tykes he helped make. :)

Dog Tag Pendant

A classic, but for good reason. Not only will no one make fun of him for wearing a necklace, they will all be super jealous that his kids love him more than their kids do.  That's right. I said it.

So, enjoy pursuing the Father's Day Gift Guide that we so helpfully put together and make sure you order by JUNE 5th so that your gift can reach you in time to actually give!! :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Love Letter Lockets ~ Personalized Goodness

Ever since I was a little kid, I loved lockets. There is something about the mysterious nature of these things that always captivated my fleeting attention span.

The great thing about lockets is that they are timeless.  Your great-great grandmother's cameo locket is just as wear-worthy today as it was when she was your age.

These Love Letter Lockets are my new favorite piece and here's just a few reasons why:
~ They are smallish, but are super, fantastically interesting
~ They can carry a personalized message inside, like:
   - Latitude/Longitude Coordinates
   - An Inspirational Note
   - The names of your loved ones
   - Graduation Date
   - Roman Numerals (another geeky fave)

And soon...you'll be seeing actual handwritten messages and pictures that your blooming Picasso has drawn (like our Tiny Touch Collection uber miniaturized.

How great of a gift would this be to your bridesmaids...with a sweet little message from you, or the coordinates of the wedding venue - or where you became friends?? Or for the recent graduate who could use a little boost of encouragement as she ventures out into the world? Or for that new mom who wants to keep baby close, even when she can't be??

Ohhhh, the possibilities of sweet goodness are endless!  Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

Monday, May 21, 2012

1 4 3...I Love You...Geek Love

Once upon a time, long before cell phones and texting...there were pagers.  Those cute little devices ran rampant on my college campus.  My boyfriend and I would text all sorts of secret little codes to each other to let the other know cutesy, little, lovey-dovey stuff.

Apparently, we missed one.  Maybe it came before our time, or maybe we weren't all that geeky (if you knew us, you would laugh out loud right now), but we missed the whole 1 4 3 meaning "I love you".

No worries, though.  I created a charm that has these sweet numbers in Roman numerals.  To the passer-by it would only be some cryptic set of letters, but to the wearer it would be a reminder that they are loved, without having to be all outwardly sappy about it.

Each charm has a pretty henna/mendhi pattern on the back and we can wire wrap your favorite birthstone right into the chain.

We can even put in some initials in the back...just for fun.

If you are interested in a piece like this, contact us: info@theprettypeacock.com and we can help you create something awesomely geeky!