Saturday, December 3, 2011

Henna Love ~ Personalized Paisley Goodness

I love texture.  I try and put texture into all of my fine silver designs - and the texture I love the most is Henna/Mendhi patterns.  Not only does it pay homage to my East Indian roots, it is flat out gorgeous to look at AND to touch.  When I put a pattern into metal, I want to FEEL it, not just have it be etched on the surface.

Here are my new Henna Love Pendants:

I wanted to add a bit of sparkle, so I added a lovely, round Swarovski crystal wrapped right into the chain. You can choose to have just a neutral crystal wrapped in, or - for even more customization - you can choose to have your favorite color or birthstone wrapped in.

The textured side has a little patina action going on.  It helps to bring out the awesomeness of the henna pattern.

The smooth side is reserved for personalization.  This is such a sweet gift for a new mom (which is who the 'Mira Sophia' pendant was created for) - one of my dear friends from college just had her first baby and the Henna Love pendant was born to celebrate the blessed event!  

If you wanted to put multiple names on a single pendant, you can do that, too - which is what I did for my own pendant.  Aidan and Maya are my two little hooligans. :)

The nice thing about this type of pendant is that you can wear multiples at once without it looking bulky.  You can also choose to wear it with the text towards you or facing outward.  I'm not one to flaunt my children's names - not that I'm against it, of course - but I love knowing that the names are there, but they are there just for me.

There will be a few more Henna Love patterned pieces coming out soon - be on the look out for the matching earrings coming soon!! 

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Hii!! I LOVE these henna love pendants!! Plz tell me if I can order them from you!
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