Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Truly Personal Holiday Gifts...

No one can help but feel truly touched when someone gives us something that is uniquely personal to us - it shows that the gift was chosen with care and time was taken to really think about the person that the gift is being presented to.

As I get older, I could care less about the latest trend in handbags, or getting another crazy gadget that I will inevitably spend countless hours playing with only to end up on a shelf collecting dust when the next trend, craze, or "must have" item comes along.  

I'm not SO old that I need to hang on to each and every memory...but I do realize more and more how quickly time passes and how terribly difficult it is to really enjoy the 'right now'.

Maybe time seems to be passing so quickly because I'm watching two, young children grow up and become more and more self-sufficient, when it seems like yesterday where I was craving to get three hours of uninterrupted sleep in a row. 

Sometimes I just want to laminate moments in perfection. And that's why I create many of the pieces that I do.

My Tiny Touch Collection was created because I had an entire filing cabinet filled with lovely pieces of artwork from my tots...they were hilarious, but so heartfelt and it was so much fun capturing their little works into silver, so that I could have it forever, just the way it was today.

The prints I create out of hand and footprints just make me smile.  They are sweet and so deeply personal...actual prints of my little one's!!  
Handwriting is something that is quickly being superseded by texts and emails...that personal touch of a person's writing is left only for quick scribbles when a cell phone or computer aren't handy.  

I love handwriting.  There is so much you can feel about a person when you see their writing and when you see the writing of someone you's so special, so uniquely 'them'.  

This bracelet is one of my most prized possessions.  A little note from my husband in his handwriting.  It's subtle and I'm usually the only one that knows that it's there.  But, that's the whole point.  I know it's there.

It's about that time to start thinking about gifts for the people you love.  Think about giving them something they will hang onto and cherish forever.  Give them something that when they are really old, they can sit back, roll their eyes to the ceiling, and reminisce about that time and space that has been lovingly captured in precious metal.  And, as always, if you have an idea of a treasure you would like to see brought to life, do not hesitate to contact me...I love that stuff!

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