Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hot for Yoga...

Being born into an Indian family does not automatically guarantee that you'll be a math whiz, a science genius, or freakishly good at yoga. It's a crying shame, too.

It is nearly impossible to have a conversation with any group of women without the topic of yoga - specifically hot yoga - coming up.  Then the whole "Oh-ing" and "it's changed my life" stories unfold.


I am obviously familiar with yoga.  I've tried to contort my incredibly inflexible body into the pretty sounding asanas. I've tried the not-so-hot yoga, which suited me far better than the Bikram style yoga that had me puking in the trashcan within 40 minutes (I apparently have a lot of toxins that aren't ready to abandon ship just yet).

What I need to help rid myself of toxins!

BUT - I would loooovee if I could love yoga like some of my compadres have grown to become obsessed over.

Until then, I have no shame in wanting the super zen and lovely gear that is associated with all things yoga from the newly launched Have A Namaste Day, online yoga boutique.  I also love creating pieces that yoga enthusiasts have claimed "speak to [them]" and makes them feel good to wear even off the yoga mat.

If you are a yoga lover, know a yoga lover, love a yoga lover...send them over to Have a Namaste Day so they can, as they say, "indulge in some good karma." :)

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