Friday, October 7, 2011

Sanskrit is Pretty darn Cool...

_MG_1416It's hard to say exactly when Sanskrit became 'trendy' - maybe it's way back when the Beatles made their pilgrimage to learn to play the sitar from Ravi Shankar, or when Madonna was out there finding herself...who knows.

The thing is that the text itself is so beautiful and mysterious, that it's no wonder that celebrities have Sanskrit text and prayers tattooed for all eternity.

I love the look of Sanskrit.  Growing up in an Indian household myself, I took for granted all the beautiful relics lying around the house just as commonplace 'stuff'.  It's only now as an adult, married to someone who did not have Indian 'stuff' lying around his house, that I can appreciate the colors, the art, the smells (okay not so much there), the beauty of the culture itself.

I've introduced our new Sanskrit Multi-Layer Leather Wrap Bracelets this week, which I am really excited about.  Right now, there are seven words available:
_MG_1871Yodha ~ Warrior
Prajna ~ Wisdom
Satyam ~ Truth
Ahimsa ~ Do no harm
Anitya ~ Impermanence 
Abhaya ~ Fearlessness

I have a feeling there will be several more to come!

We made it a point to package up each bracelet on a presentation card so that if the piece happens to be a gift, the receiver will know what the word says and there is a little piece of ancient wisdom to take with them on their journey.  

I think these little beauties would make awesome stocking stuffers, bridesmaids gifts, bff gifts...graduation gifts!  Who wouldn't appreciate some ancient beauty??!! :)

We would love to hear what you think and if you have any suggestions for words you'd like to see on these bracelets - let us know!


Terra H. said...

I think these bracelets are pretty and powerful. I'd like to see one with the words Faith or Hope.

The Pretty Peacock said...

I love that idea!!!