Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pretty Little Liars' Emily Fields and TPP...

I am pretty certain that the writers of the ABC Family show, Pretty Little Liars do not write for someone in my age bracket, but it is definitely one of my guilty little pleasures.

It might be because I'm forever going to be 17 in my mind (despite the marriage, two children, mortgage, etc etc), or that the story line is intriguing in a super creepy way, or that the maturity level of the girls in the show rival that of some of the grown women I know...whatever the reason, I like watching it.

Imagine my giddy surprise when I ran across this blog post brought to my attention by the ever-handy, Google Alert:

This little layout is from the Ring O Blog talking about the rings Miss Emily Fields would wear - bottom  right is the Bday Stack rings by yours truly!

Here's what they said about the Bday Stack:
I love The Pretty Peacock jewelry, and I think Emily would love The Bday Stack – a Personalized Stack of birthstone rings. These rings can be hand stamped (like engraving, but better.) Emily could pick her birthstone and then the birthstones of her best friends! (The Pretty Peacock, here)
 Ohhh, that Jessica from the RingOBlog is a sweetheart, isn't she?  Thanks for including TPP in that line up!!

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Quavondo said...

I don't know what kind of shows you watch...but congrats! Your designs rock!