Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Honeyed Words ~ A Custom Book Art Pendant

Last year, our good friend, J.A. Pitts, published the first book in his Urban Fantasy series featuring the ultra awesome, Sarah Beauhall, in Black Blade Blues.  

This year, the second book of the series, Honeyed Words was released and I had to commemorate the release with another custom book cover pendant.    

When someone in your life goes out there in the big, bad world of authoring (that's a word, right?) and actually makes it out there doing something they are passionate about, you have to find a way to say,
"Whoa, Dude - that is so fantastically spectacular!!"  

AND this way, every time he looks at the little treasure I made for him - hanging right beside the other pendant that was created after his first book - he can say, 
"I am pretty fantastically spectacular!" (or whatever authors say to themselves when they are awesome).  

If you know, try, pretend to be, want and dream to be, or are an author yourself and want to commemorate your success, drop me a line and we can work together to create something magical!

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