Monday, August 22, 2011

Website Re-design

We moved away from trunk shows and art festivals when we started selling online in 2008 on Etsy.
In a very short amount of time, we sat down and designed our own website, which we have been pretty happy with - but, as we have grown, we realized that we need a bit more functionality and an updated look to compete with all that is out there.

We've been working with a great, local company - Cloud Quarry to do the overhaul and I have to say, the entire process (though not quite complete) has been flat out awesome.

It's nerve-wracking to come up with color schemes and a design that will flow nicely and be inviting to customers.  Last time when we put the site together, it was a complete in-house job and the main focus was that the darn thing worked.  It was up and running all the time, orders came in clearly, and the customers were able to navigate around with ease.  You would think that would be enough!

As we grew and our online presence became stronger, we started to get noticed by some publications and companies that propelled us to a re-design.  I'm just incredibly happy that it has all been relatively painless!

We used 99designs to come up with a new logo - that was both overwhelming and so much fun!  It's so cool to see all these amazing designs and ideas flow in from talented graphic artists.  I had over 160 entries in a 7 day span and I just when I thought I had settled on a design, a few more stellar ones came in and threw me for a loop.  And the winning design:

If you're thinking about having your own site (which I highly recommend!) and/or doing a site overhaul, there are some amazing services out there that will do a tremendous job while maintaining your budget! 
Our new site should be ready to roll by early September...I can't wait!

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