Monday, May 30, 2011

Introducing Inspirals!

Our DreamWoven Sculpture Pendants have received a great deal of acclaim over the past couple of years - and since we love the shape so much, we thought we would start creating the spirals with text on the outside.

Each Inspiral is created using fine silver, which is 99.9% pure, stunning silver as opposed to sterling's 92.5% purity content.

The metal is forged into a flowing spiral and then we hand stamp text onto it - we have 'ready to go' versions, and offer the option to put your own text, song lyric, name, date - whatever can fit, onto your own treasured keepsake.

The Inspiral makes the perfect graduation gift - put the school motto, the graduation year, their favorite quote - or an inspirational one that they can take with them on their new journey.

We use a lovely, textured sterling chain with a Swarovski black diamond crystal wire wrapped onto it.  This adds even more visual interest to an already beautifully unique piece.

We are pretty proud of our new collection - it has all of our favorite elements:  text, style, eco-friendly material, and unique beauty!

We would love to hear what YOU think!!