Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Latitude Longitude Keepsake Cuff Links

It's always so much fun to create pieces that you know are going to be truly loved by not only the person purchasing the piece, but the person receiving it, too.

Our Latitude Longitude collection of jewelry has been so well received - and who would have thought it?  This collection all started because my husband lost his wedding ring and I wanted to make him something as a 'place marker' until he got  a real replacement.  Thinking of something super sentimental without being grossly sappy was what I was aiming for, and both of us being HUGE closet geeks (one of us is more in the closet than the other), I came up with putting the coordinates of our dorm hall where we met.

I had to put it out there for others...just in case there were other closet geeks out there that would appreciate this type of sentiment - and, apparently, we are EVERYWHERE!

I couldn't be more pleased - because The Pretty Peacock was built on creating uniquely meaningful pieces and this collection definitely exemplifies that ideal.

Our newest addition to this ever-growing collection is the cuff links - how great are these beauties?

Crafted from thick fine silver and hand stamped with the latitude on one link and the longitude on the other.

What an awesome gift for your groom, past, present, future - the groomsmen, a new daddy, grandfather, godfather - any one who would appreciate a uniquely meaningful gift.

Let me know your thoughts - and any other ideas you may have for sporting the coordinates of your special place!!!  Let's make it a reality! :)