Friday, January 14, 2011

Personalized Custom Rings

I love creating custom pieces - especially rings.

I think of rings as the most sentimental of all jewelry and when a customer chooses me to create something especially for them, or their loved one, I become consumed with ideas. The difficulty is not knowing my customer personally - so it is a challenge to come up with various designs that *hopefully* will suit his/her needs!

This is the most recent engagement ring I have created. I am IN LOVE with this ring! The Renaissance feel, the slight oxidation of the bezel, the incredible, dome, faceted, HUGE pink amethyst - and most importantly, the beautiful words that surround the band "You wear my heart around your finger" - everything about this ring is unique to the customer and the recipient.

Anyone can have the 'typical' engagement ring that you purchase from a big, chain store...but having a ring that 'speaks' to you...that's magical.

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