Sunday, January 16, 2011

Old World Elegance...

Long gone are the days when we sealed letters with emblems and monograms embossed in wax...however, the elegance and charm of that little 'finishing touch' is recognized and appreciated by all.

You can find initial pendants/charms in a lot of forms and crafted out of a lot of mediums - we wanted to create them using Earth-friendly materials and make it look as much like the wax seals from the days of old as possible.

I think we did a pretty good job! These pieces are crafted using actual wax seal stamps, so they end of being the same size as you would expect to see on the back of an envelope. We also offer the option to have a birthstone embedded into the silver along with the initial. The reverse of the pendant has a deep relief mendhi/henna pattern - true to Pretty Peacock style!

I love how these turned out - complete with a slight oxidation to look old worldly - they look great with anything from jeans to formal attire and better yet, you can wear several to represent members of your clan...oh wait, even better is that they are all eco-friendly by nature!

Makes the perfect bridesmaid gift!

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Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! :)