Monday, December 5, 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Henna Love ~ Personalized Paisley Goodness

I love texture.  I try and put texture into all of my fine silver designs - and the texture I love the most is Henna/Mendhi patterns.  Not only does it pay homage to my East Indian roots, it is flat out gorgeous to look at AND to touch.  When I put a pattern into metal, I want to FEEL it, not just have it be etched on the surface.

Here are my new Henna Love Pendants:

I wanted to add a bit of sparkle, so I added a lovely, round Swarovski crystal wrapped right into the chain. You can choose to have just a neutral crystal wrapped in, or - for even more customization - you can choose to have your favorite color or birthstone wrapped in.

The textured side has a little patina action going on.  It helps to bring out the awesomeness of the henna pattern.

The smooth side is reserved for personalization.  This is such a sweet gift for a new mom (which is who the 'Mira Sophia' pendant was created for) - one of my dear friends from college just had her first baby and the Henna Love pendant was born to celebrate the blessed event!  

If you wanted to put multiple names on a single pendant, you can do that, too - which is what I did for my own pendant.  Aidan and Maya are my two little hooligans. :)

The nice thing about this type of pendant is that you can wear multiples at once without it looking bulky.  You can also choose to wear it with the text towards you or facing outward.  I'm not one to flaunt my children's names - not that I'm against it, of course - but I love knowing that the names are there, but they are there just for me.

There will be a few more Henna Love patterned pieces coming out soon - be on the look out for the matching earrings coming soon!! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kaia Magazine's Premiere Issue - and WE'RE In It!

Open publication - Free publishing - More eco-friendly

Our Sanskrit Multi-layer Leather Wrap Bracelets made the premiere issue of Kaia Magazine.

Kaia Magazine is focused on featuring products and presenting articles that promote "sustainable living in real life".

I'm sure that we all do what we can to lower our carbon footprint, but sometimes the reality of "going green" doesn't always work with real life.  This is where Kaia comes in - by providing real life solutions from everything to clothing and make up to gift giving and decor to help us achieve that feel good feeling of keeping our environment healthy (or working to GET IT healthy).

We're honored to be a part of such a great magazine - thank you Kaia!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fortune Cookie Re-do Giveaway...

Our Sweet Fortune Keepsake Cookie Pendants (featured in October 2010's In Style Magazine), is one of my most favorite pieces.  However, I realized that having the 'fortune' with the cookie isn't everyone's cup of tea, so I'm re-creating the piece to have the 'fortune' at the nape of the neck, as a part of the chain, which would allow for more text...

Here's where you come in:

Leave me a comment below with some short-ish fortunes that would be uplifting, inspiring, or even funny - little quips of advice that you would want to carry with you as a reminder of how to live, feel, or be.  Put some thought into it because THESE will be the fortunes that we will include with each pendant!

Enter each fortune idea separately, and on Monday, December 5th at 9PM PST, a winner will be chosen at random.

The prize?  A fortune cookie pendant, of course!! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Magic and Warmth of Copper...

We haven't worked a lot with copper at TPP.  We're more prone to using precious metals such as sterling and gold...but I think we've been really missing out on this amazing metal.

Not only does copper have (alleged) healing qualities such as having anti-bacterial and anti-fungal powers, but the beauty of this metal is unlike any other.

I've been playing around with copper in the hopes of adding it to our collections, or perhaps creating an entire copper category on its own.

I love texture, so it's no surprise that every piece you see here has something that you can run your fingers across and feel.  I created these earrings using vintage Swarovski crystals and kept the design simple with circles.

                     These little beauties will look perfectly lovely with all the black that I wear!

I also created a few pendant-type pieces - a simple peacock feather, a mendhi paisley patterned one to match the earrings and then a fortune cookie.

Each piece was heat patina'd, which gives these pieces the awesomely sparkly variation of color.  I hang out with some very talented creative types and got the chance to learn how to do this from the amazing Kristi Bowman.  Did I do you proud, Kristi?? :)

I have a feeling that you will be seeing a lot more copper components and full pieces at The Pretty Peacock.  The warmth and beauty of this metal looks great in every Season with just about any type of outfit.  I cannot wait to experiment more!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tantalizing Topaz and a Sweet Face...

Topaz is the birthstone for November.  You can find this stone in an array of colors from wine, to gray, to the 'typical' yellow, brown and orange that you might customarily think of as topaz.  "Precious" topaz is usually orange. You can find more info on Topaz, here.

I love finding out the what healing qualities gemstones have based on Old World literature and ritual.  According to
Topaz is a soothing, empathetic stone that will direct energy to the place it is most needed. It heals and energizes. Topaz is a promoter of truth and forgiveness. Use it to find your own path.
At the Pretty Peacock, we tend to search for November's birthstone in the dark amber-brown or orange hues and we love to show off our birthstone in our Good Karma Wise Owl Pendant.

Look at this sweet little face (the owl's not bad, either)!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

How I Met Your Mother...a tribute to Barney Stimson

 I love the show "How I met your mother".  Barney is my favorite character, and if you knew me, you would totally be shaking your head in complete understanding of why he is my favorite.

I created this pendant using a phrase Barney says fairly frequently:
"Whenever I get sad, I stop being sad and start being awesome."
Now, I'm not saying that TV sitcoms bestow relevant, meaningful philosophies on life often...but, c'mon.  THAT little phrase is one you can live by for sure.

Plus, it makes a kick-butt pendant.  Just take a look at our happy model below!

Want one of your own?  Or have another gem of wisdom from a TV show you would like to have captured in silver or copper?  Contact us and we can make all your dreams come true...

Well, at least this one.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Truly Personal Holiday Gifts...

No one can help but feel truly touched when someone gives us something that is uniquely personal to us - it shows that the gift was chosen with care and time was taken to really think about the person that the gift is being presented to.

As I get older, I could care less about the latest trend in handbags, or getting another crazy gadget that I will inevitably spend countless hours playing with only to end up on a shelf collecting dust when the next trend, craze, or "must have" item comes along.  

I'm not SO old that I need to hang on to each and every memory...but I do realize more and more how quickly time passes and how terribly difficult it is to really enjoy the 'right now'.

Maybe time seems to be passing so quickly because I'm watching two, young children grow up and become more and more self-sufficient, when it seems like yesterday where I was craving to get three hours of uninterrupted sleep in a row. 

Sometimes I just want to laminate moments in perfection. And that's why I create many of the pieces that I do.

My Tiny Touch Collection was created because I had an entire filing cabinet filled with lovely pieces of artwork from my tots...they were hilarious, but so heartfelt and it was so much fun capturing their little works into silver, so that I could have it forever, just the way it was today.

The prints I create out of hand and footprints just make me smile.  They are sweet and so deeply personal...actual prints of my little one's!!  
Handwriting is something that is quickly being superseded by texts and emails...that personal touch of a person's writing is left only for quick scribbles when a cell phone or computer aren't handy.  

I love handwriting.  There is so much you can feel about a person when you see their writing and when you see the writing of someone you's so special, so uniquely 'them'.  

This bracelet is one of my most prized possessions.  A little note from my husband in his handwriting.  It's subtle and I'm usually the only one that knows that it's there.  But, that's the whole point.  I know it's there.

It's about that time to start thinking about gifts for the people you love.  Think about giving them something they will hang onto and cherish forever.  Give them something that when they are really old, they can sit back, roll their eyes to the ceiling, and reminisce about that time and space that has been lovingly captured in precious metal.  And, as always, if you have an idea of a treasure you would like to see brought to life, do not hesitate to contact me...I love that stuff!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hot for Yoga...

Being born into an Indian family does not automatically guarantee that you'll be a math whiz, a science genius, or freakishly good at yoga. It's a crying shame, too.

It is nearly impossible to have a conversation with any group of women without the topic of yoga - specifically hot yoga - coming up.  Then the whole "Oh-ing" and "it's changed my life" stories unfold.


I am obviously familiar with yoga.  I've tried to contort my incredibly inflexible body into the pretty sounding asanas. I've tried the not-so-hot yoga, which suited me far better than the Bikram style yoga that had me puking in the trashcan within 40 minutes (I apparently have a lot of toxins that aren't ready to abandon ship just yet).

What I need to help rid myself of toxins!

BUT - I would loooovee if I could love yoga like some of my compadres have grown to become obsessed over.

Until then, I have no shame in wanting the super zen and lovely gear that is associated with all things yoga from the newly launched Have A Namaste Day, online yoga boutique.  I also love creating pieces that yoga enthusiasts have claimed "speak to [them]" and makes them feel good to wear even off the yoga mat.

If you are a yoga lover, know a yoga lover, love a yoga lover...send them over to Have a Namaste Day so they can, as they say, "indulge in some good karma." :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I heart geekery...

My older sister has always been considered the "smart one".  She was the one with the straight A's, the one whom the teachers loved, the one who our parents loved to brag about at Indian functions.  I was...well, I was a lot of other equally awesome adjectives (see how my self-esteem is not in question?).

I think I worked hard not to be the geek, but you can't fight genes.  I love anything to do with stationary. I love the 'weird', the 'quirky'...I love dorky humor (read: puns)...I'm a geek.  And that's just fine.  Especially with this whole wave of all things geekery. I love geekery...

It feels good to let your inner geek out whenever possible. I just finished creating a few Roman Numeral pieces. I think it's mysterious and interesting to wear things that only you know the true meaning of...or at least that you know right away without having to sit there and try to figure out...which you know your fellow geeks will be doing when they see you wearing it...

I'm hoping to add A LOT more pieces to this collection - rings, charms, key chains...lots of stuff.

Being a geek is so much fun! :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Obsessed with Pinterest...

Pinterest is my new favorite time-suck.  If you haven't experienced it, go do it right now.  Here, follow me.

Here's how Pinterest describes itself:

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard.

Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests. To get started, request an invite.
Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.
You would think this whole Virtual Pinboard thing wouldn't be such a big deal, or super-duper interesting, or flat out addictive. But it is. It really, really, really is.

I love seeing things that others have pinned. Sometimes it's inspirational, sometimes it's all about new up 'do, sometimes it's a great outfit...but it's all interesting and the variety is what keeps me coming back for more.  I also love the fact that so much of the pins are handmade-focused.

Like, check out this fun little tutorial:
Source: via Pretty on Pinterest

Source: via scout on Pinterest

Or this funny little bit of truth:

Or this bit of awesomeness:

Source: None via Pretty on Pinterest

Whatever you are looking for, not looking for, didn't know you were looking's all there.

BUT - before you go and sign up, know that you will whittle away countless hours pouring through all the good stuff, so...don't say I didn't warn you!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Here and Now ~ Wedding Day Cuff Links...

We were the first of our little social group to get married.  We were YOUNG.  I would do so many things differently now...the most important thing being that the wedding be a true reflection of me and Joel (that's the husband).  

The other important thing would be to make certain that I enjoyed the moment for what it is, instead of stressing about the details, the people, the flowers, the food, etc etc.  But, you know what they say about hindsight.  

If you're getting married, or know someone who is, tell them to breathe through each moment and to really take in what is going on: laminate a specific moment in your mind and it'll be there forever in its perfection.  

I was asked to create these awesome cuff links for a customer recently.  It had all the aspects of the perfect keepsake:  the latitude and longitude of where she was proposed to was on one link, with the bride and groom's initials in the center. The other link had the coordinates of their wedding venue and the wedding date adorned the center.  These little beauties are going to be one of those cherished pieces that will (hopefully) be passed down through the generations that the new couple is going to help build.

The big day comes and goes so quickly.  It's nice to have something that you can look at from time to time and remember that special moment when two became one.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sanskrit is Pretty darn Cool...

_MG_1416It's hard to say exactly when Sanskrit became 'trendy' - maybe it's way back when the Beatles made their pilgrimage to learn to play the sitar from Ravi Shankar, or when Madonna was out there finding herself...who knows.

The thing is that the text itself is so beautiful and mysterious, that it's no wonder that celebrities have Sanskrit text and prayers tattooed for all eternity.

I love the look of Sanskrit.  Growing up in an Indian household myself, I took for granted all the beautiful relics lying around the house just as commonplace 'stuff'.  It's only now as an adult, married to someone who did not have Indian 'stuff' lying around his house, that I can appreciate the colors, the art, the smells (okay not so much there), the beauty of the culture itself.

I've introduced our new Sanskrit Multi-Layer Leather Wrap Bracelets this week, which I am really excited about.  Right now, there are seven words available:
_MG_1871Yodha ~ Warrior
Prajna ~ Wisdom
Satyam ~ Truth
Ahimsa ~ Do no harm
Anitya ~ Impermanence 
Abhaya ~ Fearlessness

I have a feeling there will be several more to come!

We made it a point to package up each bracelet on a presentation card so that if the piece happens to be a gift, the receiver will know what the word says and there is a little piece of ancient wisdom to take with them on their journey.  

I think these little beauties would make awesome stocking stuffers, bridesmaids gifts, bff gifts...graduation gifts!  Who wouldn't appreciate some ancient beauty??!! :)

We would love to hear what you think and if you have any suggestions for words you'd like to see on these bracelets - let us know!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pretty Little Liars' Emily Fields and TPP...

I am pretty certain that the writers of the ABC Family show, Pretty Little Liars do not write for someone in my age bracket, but it is definitely one of my guilty little pleasures.

It might be because I'm forever going to be 17 in my mind (despite the marriage, two children, mortgage, etc etc), or that the story line is intriguing in a super creepy way, or that the maturity level of the girls in the show rival that of some of the grown women I know...whatever the reason, I like watching it.

Imagine my giddy surprise when I ran across this blog post brought to my attention by the ever-handy, Google Alert:

This little layout is from the Ring O Blog talking about the rings Miss Emily Fields would wear - bottom  right is the Bday Stack rings by yours truly!

Here's what they said about the Bday Stack:
I love The Pretty Peacock jewelry, and I think Emily would love The Bday Stack – a Personalized Stack of birthstone rings. These rings can be hand stamped (like engraving, but better.) Emily could pick her birthstone and then the birthstones of her best friends! (The Pretty Peacock, here)
 Ohhh, that Jessica from the RingOBlog is a sweetheart, isn't she?  Thanks for including TPP in that line up!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Custom Gifts that make you go "Awwwww...."

There are a ton of choices out there for "custom" stuff, but there are not a whole lot that are created well, are especially unique, and/or won't make you take out a second mortgage on your house just to have.

Here are some of my favorite custom gifts. I chose these items because they all fit the criteria above AND are all handmade. These are gifts that your recipient will actually want to keep around (and might even put out front-and-center to display!) because they are that awesome.

This one here to the left is a custom made, bobblehead wedding cake topper/figurine from Mini Me.  You need to check out their site, it will definitely have you giggling!

 Onkie Bazoobie creates these super sweet picture frames that can be customized with text, names - you can even choose to have them created specifically to match your decor. That's good stuff right there.  

I love the detail work on each one and that tiny Swarovksi sparkle!! This bling-happy girl is all about that!

My Treehouse Treasures creates these custom boards (along with vinyl lettering and what-not's).  

I'm a huge fan of 'subway art' and am working on a new collection of pendants/charms that have this type of layout and look.  

Cozy Blue, out of Asheville, NC creates these personalized pillows with little names on a tree stump.  They also create other family tree orientated pieces.  

These definitely make you go, "awwwww....", unless you're cold and dead inside, in which case, they won't.

Of course, The Pretty Peacock is packed full of custom, personalized know, if you are into that type of thing!  

This is our Handwritten Love Token that takes your own handwriting and puts it into silver.  

I just had someone order one to propose to his girlfriend - so, basically this lucky girl is going to have this piece of jewelry with her Love's handwriting asking her to marrying him with her forever!!! 

It makes me all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it!

There isn't a single occasion where personalized/custom gifts wouldn't be appreciated.  I have begun thinking about gift-giving as a time to present the recipient with something that they are going to hang onto forever - even pass down to their children one day. 

Our lives are so busy and so packed full of what we need to do, plan for, get takes moments of celebration to actually take the time to reflect on our lives and what really matters.  That's why it's important to make the effort to show how much you care by planning ahead and working with companies that are devoted to creating handmade pieces that carry meaning.  There are so many out there, too!!  

You know it's a kick-butt gift when tears are shed! :) Happy (handmade) shopping!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Owl Obsession...

I love owls. I don't know what it is about them exactly: their big, round eyes? their intelligent little faces? the fact they are wise and all?

Owl love on a branch - Custom Wedding Cake Topper by The Air Castle

I have no idea. But I love the little critters.  

It's Autumn already and the changing leaves and crisper air makes me a bit giddy.  The thought of being able to snuggle up into sweaters, smell cider brewing, and wear boots all the time makes me super happy (hey, it's the little things).

Check out these super awesome owl gloves from The Stichery Boutique on Etsy:

You just want to snuggle into those, am I right? 

The thing about wear-able owl stuff is that it can't be freaky.  At least, I couldn't wear owl stuff that was freaky.  But, I suppose, 'freaky' is relative.

I love elegantly, subtle cutesy-esque things - but finding that balance is a bit difficult!

I would like to design more woodland animal pieces for TPP.  But I've found that I either go over the top cute, or it ends up just looking scary and I can't have that!  I have a sketchbook filled with lovely little frolicking animals. The only piece that has ever made it into existence is our Good Karma Wise Owl Pendant.

This little guy is pretty popular - and makes such an awesome birthday gift for those Virgos, Libras, Scorpio, and Sagitauris' out there!  I think it's popular because it's not over-the-top cute, but you still kinda want to say, "awwwwwww...." when you look at it. :)

There is amazing amount of spectacular owl 'stuff' out there - check out this lovely little montage I put together -  and have a super Happy (start to) Autumn!! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Geocaching and our Latitude Longitude Collection

Geocaching has become all the rage, and for good reason!  Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunt.  You use GPS coordinates to locate treasures (geocaches) that are hidden all over the place - likely on your very street!  Once you find the geocache, you take a trinket, and leave a trinket and make a note in the log book so that the next hunters know you were there.  My kids (and my husband and me, too!!) LOVE to go geocaching.  It gets us outside, playing and working together towards a goal.  It also has introduced us to places we didn't know even existed right in our back yard!


When I launched our Latitude Longitude collection a couple of years ago (jewelry that has the coordinates of a special place of your choice), I was a little skeptical if this type of geekery would catch on. It's nice to know that so many people can appreciate the quirky awesomeness of jewelry with coordinates on it.


 The flagship piece was a ring I made for my husband for our 12th wedding anniversary.  I don't know about you, but it gets more and more difficult to find unique gifts that won't just end up collecting dust in the corner.  I put the coordinates of the dorm we met in way back when on the University of Washington campus on a hefty and wide-ish ring. I knew he would love it...because he's that kind of guy and when I gave it to him, he immediately busted out his cell phone to plug in the coordinates to figure out where the mystery place was going to be.  I'm going to pretend that he teared up a little when he realized it was our old dorm and was overcome with emotion at the immense thoughtfulness of his super awesome wife. :)

If you haven't yet, you really need to go out there and try geocaching!  There are some awesome apps for both the iphone and android that make it really easy to choose what types of caches you want to hunt and how far they are from you (and each other).  There's also a really great beginner's guide here.

And if while you are out there you decide to have your first kiss, decide to propose (or get proposed to), or just want to commemorate that special trip, look me up and we'll create something for you that you'll treasure forever.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Honeyed Words ~ A Custom Book Art Pendant

Last year, our good friend, J.A. Pitts, published the first book in his Urban Fantasy series featuring the ultra awesome, Sarah Beauhall, in Black Blade Blues.  

This year, the second book of the series, Honeyed Words was released and I had to commemorate the release with another custom book cover pendant.    

When someone in your life goes out there in the big, bad world of authoring (that's a word, right?) and actually makes it out there doing something they are passionate about, you have to find a way to say,
"Whoa, Dude - that is so fantastically spectacular!!"  

AND this way, every time he looks at the little treasure I made for him - hanging right beside the other pendant that was created after his first book - he can say, 
"I am pretty fantastically spectacular!" (or whatever authors say to themselves when they are awesome).  

If you know, try, pretend to be, want and dream to be, or are an author yourself and want to commemorate your success, drop me a line and we can work together to create something magical!