Thursday, July 1, 2010

Introducing our Tiny Touch Collection!

Those sweet, little hands and feet will only stay that way for a short time. We've found a way to capture your child's actual hand and footprints in fine silver so that you can have them stay that way forever!

Our Tiny Touch Collection also has pieces where we can capture your budding Picasso's work of art! Have a hundred of your child's drawings stashed away in a drawer (or if you're more organized than I ever dream to be - in a special chest of some sort!)? We can take your child's actual drawing, shrink it down and put it on fine silver!

Each piece is completely made by hand using 99.9% pure silver (also eco-friendly by n
ature!!), and you can have your piece personalized AND customized with a birthstone if you wish.

These are truly, little treasures just like your own little treasures!!

Tell us your thoughts - or if you have any other ideas for our Tiny Touch Collection!

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