Monday, January 25, 2010

New Design! Key to My Heart Pendants...

This pretty little, sterling key is a new addition to our love of sparkle!

Each 3/8", slightly antiqued key has a 4mm, AA grade gemstone set - you can choose from any of the 12 birthstones. If you have a gemstone in mind that isn't a birthstone...let us know and we'll see if we can find what you are looking for!

We use a special oval-shaped ring to attach the key to the chain. This helps to keep the key facing towards the front, where a round ring can allow for the key to flip to the back more easily.

As a special finishing touch, a sterling 'lock' charm adorns the clasp of the sterling chain. Each perfectly oxidized and textured chain is fully adjustable to 19".

This makes the perfect anniversary, birthday, graduation, or Valentine's gift. These precious keys look beautiful in multiples, and would definitely be treasured by any new, or seasoned mother as a way to show off their love!

LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT: Use discount code: KEYHEART for 20% off your pendant order from now until February 9th!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Make it a Green Valentine's Day...

Chocolates? Diamonds? Flowers? Ho hum.

Valentine's Day is one of those 'holidays' that doesn't hold a whole lot of personal meaning to me - but, I do really enjoy the idea of focused attention on the idea of LOVE.

In the age of Amazon wishlists and instant gratification, I appreciate anyone who takes the time to pick out a gift that is not just lovely to look at, but has some aspect of personalization from the giver. It makes that gift incredibly special.

Our Custom Conversation Heart Pendants are just that: lovely to look at and incredibly meaningful. AND they are, that's good stuff!

These dainty, but SOLID pendants are crafted from Earth loving fine silver. Fine silver is a great precious metal for individuals with nickel allergies since it is pure silver (99.9% vs. sterling's 92.%% content). Fine silver is actually 'reclaimed' silver from the tech industry. The whole idea of 'reclaimed' silver should not make you worry about the quality or integrity of this incredible material. The 'reclaimed' silver dust is suspended in an organic binder and when heated at high temperatures, the organic binders burn away and all that is left is 99.9% pure silver.

Mining is not required to procure fine silver, therefore no negative impact is done to our environment.

These Limited Edition pendants can be customized with a few choice words, and if you want, you can even have a birthstone embedded into the Pretty Peacock-esque ornate flip side (to represent an anniversary month, perhaps?).

These little beauties aren't just for your partner in life, they would make a memorable gift for any little girl out there - my four year old has one coming her way!

Our order deadline for Valentine's Day is FEBRUARY 1st!!

So, if you need to, send those hints out early!!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Having a Pretty Peacock Wedding?

Peacock-themed weddings seem to be all the rage - and for good reason! Although a new vein of thinking for the Western World, Peacocks have been revered as good luck around the globe - not to mention the very symbol of royalty. The Pretty Peacock was named so because of these qualities and symbols - and it has been long overdue for us to get our acts together and create peacock-related pieces. And what fun we have had doing so!

This is just a sneak-peek of things to come! We wanted to start with two designs that would be perfect for those peacock-themed weddings that we know Summer brides-to-be are starting to plan!

~ Hair Accessories ~
The photo pictured above is our TPP Clip. These are silver plated clips with a single, mini peacock feather with a sterling silver embellishment. These are perfect for your bridesmaids! They are subtle, but elegant and would be the perfect thing to set off that french twist!

We will have hair combs, and hair sticks (mother of pearl and black lip pearl!!) to come very soon!
PLEASE NOTE: Peacock feathers should ABSOLUTELY NOT be plucked from the bodies of these regal animals. We made certain that the feathers we use in our accessories were gathered AFTER the feathers had fallen off our friends. Please make sure that if you do purchase peacock feathers, that you check into the practices of how the feathers are gathered.

~ Bouquet Charms ~
Bouquet charms are one of the sweetest keepsakes - not only do you have a beautiful piece attached to your bouquet, but you can keep this fine silver lovely and wear it as a pendant for years to come!

We personalize the reverse of the charm with your first names and wedding date and tie it all pretty with a cream, organza ribbon.

This charm is a great size - just under 1" and created with our favorite material - fine silver! Not only is fine silver the purest silver you can get (99.9% versus 92.5% of sterling - so it's great for people with nickel allergies!), but fine silver is eco-friendly! What's not to love about that??!

Next Post: Peacock birthstone pendants, Peacock rings

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