Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Fun Giveaways!!!

This is the season of TPP Giveaways!!!

Here are two great blogs that I am featured on for a bit - both of which have pendants that you can win by following Kristy (Mommy In Pink) and Toni's (Mommies Angels) instructions:

These pendants can only be WON - this design is not sold on the TPP site - so enter and win!! :)
Each blog has their own discount codes for special savings when you order off our site.

REMEMBER : The last day for US residents to make MOTHER'S DAY Orders is April 30th!!! All Mother's Day orders will be shipped NO LATER than May 4th by USPS Priority Mail.

Good luck and happy entering!! :)
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Give Away Today....

Is soooo awesome! I love Emily, who runs the Give Away Today blog because she supports mom-owned businesses, up-and-comers, handmade biz...everyone who deserves a bit of spotlight taken from the 'big dogs'!

Give Away Today is sponsoring a giveaway for one of our Precious and Tiny Good Karma Heart Pendants - the exact one photographed above. This piece is not offered on our website - you can ONLY win it!

Go check out the blog and find out how you can win!!
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round...

♥ Want to find out how to get 50% off a Pretty Peacock ring? Scroll down to the Blue text!! ♥

Okay, sorry for that because if you're anything like me, that lovely song by Dead or Alive is going to be in your head all day!! (Click here to see the video...ahhh, the '80s) ~ or, if you born after the '70's, you probably prefer the newer version by Flo Rida.

I love rings. Because I was always surrounded by jewelry growing up (East Indian women (and men!) deck themselves out in jewelry as a way of life!!) I have naturally gravitated towards designing and creating jewelry. I, however, am not one to be decked out head to toe in jewelry. I like simple, meaningful pieces that can handle some abuse. The ring is the perfect choice! Strong, simple, subtle, and packs a statement!

After having made sets of custom wedding rings for friends and clients alike, I am now creating ring designs that I am carrying on my website. I have only just started listing pieces, but there will be several designs to come - I just need to find the time to photograph and list them, which is not going to happen with the Mother's Day rush upon me!! (DON'T FORGET MOM on MAY 10th ~ She will NOT be happy!!!)

I have listed two of my best sellers - my "Thick is Good" band in Sterling Silver, and my "Sweet Love" ring with faceted stone. All my rings will allow for personalization...whether that means the names of children, or your mate, or creating a stacked set with your wedding vows on it, perhaps? I created a stacked set with one ring having a poem my husband wrote for me way-back-when stamped all around it, and then the other two having my favorite quotes. That's what makes pieces like this so special - because they are SO uniquely YOU!

What will be listed next? Well, those stacking rings I mentioned, simple posey rings (who doesn't love a posey ring?) and rings that have multiple birthstones to represent family members. And THUMB RINGS! OOOhhhhh, I love thumb rings!!

When will they be listed? I should add pieces from the next couple of weeks onto forever - I never stop designing and if you have a design idea that you would like brought to life - let me know! If it becomes a "staple" design on my site, your ring will be discounted 50%!!!!

Contact me and let me know your thoughts!!
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

9 Blogs... 9 Giveaways...A Gazillion Chances to Win!!

I am lucky enough to be part of the ever-fantastic Maternal Spark's wwWhip-Up Event ~ What’s a wwWhip Up? Well, 9 bloggers have joined in the event to blog, tweet and talk about a creative mom entrepreneur (That's ME!!!). Heather, of Maternal Spark, is all about putting a spotlight on and promoting mom-owned businesses (she's awesome!!).

The wwWhip-Up is THE perfect way to help celebrate the debut of The Pretty Peacock into the world wide web ~ because after the painstakingly long and frustrating ordeal in crafting, coding, and launching it...it's nice to throw a nice, big party for it ~ blog-style!!

Here are the blogs you should visit (any and all) to win a personalized Pretty Peacock hand stamped jewerly piece:

Check out these blogs, follow their instructions on how to win...and on May 1st, the winner will be announced! The giveaways run from April 15th - April 30th (just an FYI)

It's way good fun, so check it out!! Here is an example of the piece the winner will receive! (you don't have to have "maya" on there...but it IS a really beautiful name :) )

This personalized, hand stamped, sterling silver washer pendant has a satin finish and a gorgeous Swarovski crystal-encrusted “princess” crown (sure to get some "oooohhh's" and "aahhhhhs..."), and it includes a sterling silver rope chain. This is a blog giveaway exclusive...you can't buy it, you can only win it on the blogs listed above!!

A HUUUGGGGEEEEELLYY Huge "Thank You" to the incredible Heather of Maternal Spark! She is such the rock star and made all this wonderment a reality!!! (thank you!!!)

Now go ENTER!!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Need Some Good Karma? TPP Featured Item of the Week for April 12th - April 19th...

Every week, The Pretty Peacock website is going to offer 10% off a Featured Item of the Week AND for TPP Blog readers, you will also receive FREE SHIPPING (USPS First Class) by putting in TPP in the discount code area at check out.

This week's feature is from our GOOD KARMA Collection ~ which is our eco-friendly, fine silver line, here's more info:

What is fine silver? Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver - versus Sterling's 92.5% composition. Fine silver is an incredible material - it actually starts in clay form! Millions of silver particles are suspended in an organic binder, and when the material is heated to a high temperature, the binder burns away and all that is left is 99.9% pure silver!

So, how is it eco-friendly? The millions of fine silver particles are actually 'reclaimed' silver pieces from the tech industry. If the idea of 'reclaimed' silver makes you worry about the quality of your jewelry - it absolutely should not. Fine silver is high quality, high grade silver - without the alloys that cause many people to have an allergic reaction.

Most precious metals require harmful mining to procure. No mining is needed to procure fine silver, which saves the planet from surface scars, loss of depleting elements and acidic by-products that leach out into our water table and soil.

Now you get to adorn yourself with artisan treasures AND keep the planet beautiful - now, that's Good Karma!

Click here to take you directly to this listing - and don't forget to put TPP in the discount code area to get FREE SHIPPING!!!

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

TPP Featured Item of the Week for April 5th - April 12th...

Every week, The Pretty Peacock website is going to offer 10% off a Featured Item of the Week AND for TPP Blog readers, you will also receive FREE SHIPPING (USPS First Class) by putting in TPP in the discount code area at check out!!!

The Featured Item for this week is the Gold-Fill Hearts Afire Charm Bracelet with a Swarovski Crystal channel set birthstone....

To find future Featured Items, just visit the homepage for The Pretty Peacock and a link is provided. Sign up for the newsletter - we don't bombard you with newsletters - we're far too lazy for that AND we hate clutter - so our newsletters only come out four times a year AND will be well worth it! Discount codes for percentage discounts, dollar amounts off, and free shipping will be in each issue along with updates and sneak previews on new designs of the personalized, one-of-a-kind, Pretty Peacock-esque variety!!!

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