Friday, June 5, 2009

Celebrate Adoption...a new and necessary Collection

I am not adoptive parent. I'm not going to pretend to know what it is like to go through the process - both financially and emotionally, or understand all that is entailed - but, I do know how connected I feel to anyone who raises a child: biology does not play a role in the action of being a parent.

I was contacted by Laurie Good a while ago, with a graceful invitation to be featured on her blog - and noticed that, not only did she have one of my favorite foods in her blog title (Pho...nummy!!), but that her blog focused on adoptive families.

I started creating jewelry because I, personally, feel that jewelry should
mean something to you. There should be an emotional tie to it and/or needs to represent something. I don't know if I feel like this because jewelry is worn so close to your skin...because Indian people have all these customs and traditions about certain stones and metals touching your skin and can 'heal' or change your fate...whatever it is, it's incredibly important to me that the jewelry I wear means something.

I Googled "adoption jewelry" and some interesting pieces were brought up. There are a lot of little sayings that go on in the adoption world - so I started to broach the subject with Laurie. I wanted to create jewelry for adoptive families - but I really wanted their input
. And their input, was amazing - and eye-opening!

I, as I'm sure many others, have always put this 'awe' and "how honorable" badge towards the families who adopt. What I never really thought about was how the person who carried and birthed the child is equally worthy of the awe and honor. I also learned that most of the phrases attached to adoption, were not appreciated by the adoption community...

So far, I have three pieces in my Celebrate Adoption collection - but I know there will be more. There is the Nature & Nurture Pendant Set, The Forever Family bangle trio (three interconnected bangles, with personalized charm), and The Sun, The Moon, and The Sea Pendant (explained below).

Laurie came up with this amazing analogy to explain the connection between the birth mother/first mother, adoptive mother/family, and the child by using The Sun, The Moon, and The Sea - this absolutely kick butt poem she wrote (Laurie is AMAZING!!) - really brings it home:

Nature and Nurture ~ by Laurie Good©

I, the Moon,
And, you, the Sun,
We, together, shape the one

The one that will grow,
The one that will be
Vibrant and strong, he is the Sea

The Sun gives him life,
The Moon helps him glow,
One presence he will feel the other he will know.

The Sun gives him warmth,
The Moon guides his tide,
Nature creates what Nurture will guide.

I, the Moon,
And, you, the Sun,
We, together, shape the one.

It gets you a little choked up, doesn't it? This is the piece that I created: The Sun, The Moon, The Sea
Each little charm is created using eco-friendly fine silver. The Sun has a sparkling Citrine stone, the Moon has a Sapphire, and the Sea has Aquamarine. The backs of each charm, true to The Pretty Peacock style, has an ornate pattern - just in case it flips over, you are still looking at something beautiful!

I have so many design ides kicking around in my head: I just need to find the time to bring them to fruition...and I will...because this is the very reason I love doing what I do: creating pieces that will be cherished and treasured, and most of all, MEAN something.

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** Nature and Nurture poem by Laurie Good is copyright protected and CANNOT be used in any form without express written permission from Laurie Good.

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