Saturday, June 27, 2009

A New Direction...

This blog originally started as just a place for me to write about what I was working on, perhaps even the 'why' I was working on it, giving bits of advice and tips on how to sell on Etsy, spotlighting other craftinistas out there, and the like.

I have only been blogging for a number of months - hasn't even crossed the year mark - and I want to change the focus (if there ever was one).

Being a creative entrepreneur is a very difficult, time-consuming, energy draining, enlightening, empowering, and generally overwhelming (in both negative and postive ways) task...and all those aspects are exaggerated exponentially when you add in the fact that you are a WAHM.

I am always looking for new and better ways to organize my time - both professionally and personally - and my space and I think it's time I shared those ideas and, hopefully, gain some new ones from my readers. I also know what WAHM who run their own handmade businesses go through on the day-to-day and hope that we can provide each other with information and perspective well beyond the "it's going to be okay" pep talk.

I'm excited to embark on this...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Button Empire...An Etsy Fave...

I *heart* Etsy. If you don't know about Etsy - go check it out! All sorts of talented artisans from all over the world, with their own shops, selling their own's pure awesomeness. TPP started out that - and is still there (and will be for quite some time!!) - and if you are a fellow crafter/craftinista, Etsy is the most perfect place to start selling your pieces IF you are so inclined.

Okay, enough babbling. What I'm here to talk about is the MOST FUN item I have purchased off Etsy...and it's from Canadian-born: Button Empire. Who knew that it was not only my matramonial pairing that resulted in a crafty chick with a geeky boy? WHO KNEW this was a commonplace occurrence? A 'well-known' fact, if you will???! Well, Button Empire knew!

These are the cutest buttons (which I had made into some kickin' key chains) EVER!! My husband may not feel super comfortable carrying it around - but he is going to have it hanging somewhere visible in his office (okay, his HOME office, but whatever). I freaking love the things!!

Button Empire
is not limited to just nerd-love, though, oh no, no noooo! There is love for the for all things handmade, wedding favors, birthday and greeting amazing assortment of creative wit and fun products.

It's the kind of thing that perks you up even after you realize that it's nearly July and it's 62 degrees outside (barely). :)

Check them out. You won't regret it. Tell them that The Pretty Peacock sent you!!
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Friday, June 19, 2009

It's the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!! How about a SALE??!!

I'm sorta, kinda looking forward to having the kids home for summer break - I feel like a lousy mother when I say I am NOT looking forward to it!! :) But all you mama's out there know the bittersweetness of it all, am I right?

Okay, so in order to bring in the the summer break with some style and retail-therapy, The Pretty Peacock is offering 10% off your entire order AND FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!!

SO - use the discount code: SKOOL until midnight on Sunday, June 21st...and let's brace ourselves for what is about to ensue!! :)
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Monday, June 15, 2009

M.A.M.A Campaign...Midwifery Care Needs YOU!!

Growing up, I wasn't taught about midwives, never really knew what they did, or why. Even when I thought about having a baby, I didn't explore any other option other than what I knew: The Hospital.

Once I became pregnant, however, everything changed. How my little being was going to come into the world was of utmost importance. That is how I learned, and later experienced the complete awesomeness of midwifery care. You can read my birth story here. And you can see an awesome picture of me pregnant with my daughter at 30 some odd weeks, right here!! :)

There is a ton of talk in D.C. regarding health care: the costs associated being the primary concern and fodder for debate. If you don't know a great deal about midwifery care, such as:

~ It's far more cost effective than a hospital birth
~ It's just as safe as a hospital birth
~ Midwifery care pre and post-natally cannot be matched by a hospital

I had two children - BOTH who were nearly 10 lbs. I did not tear. I was home and completely fit to go within hours of delivering. My midwives visited me at home after my births. They knew me on the phone from the sound of my voice!! What OB/GYN do you know that can do that???!

Here are some resources to educate yourself - and you SHOULD educate yourself - whether you are expecting now, will be one day, or are a parent already, even if you never planning on having children...educate yourself!!

Benefits of Choosing a Midwife
Benefits of a Midwife Assisted Birth
Personal Birth Stories
Study of how Home Births are as safe as Hospital Births
Midwives and Hospital Births

NOW, on to the M.A.M.A Campaign:

Campaign Mission Statement

The mission of the M.A.M.A. Campaign is to increase women’s access to midwives and to quality, affordable maternity care consistent with the Midwives Model of Care© by securing federal recognition of Certified Professional Midwives.

"The M.A.M.A. campaign is a historic coalition of the key midwifery and consumer organizations in the U.S. unified behind the goal of achieving federal recognition of Certified Professional Midwives. Our specific goal in the next weeks is inserting an amendment into the health care bills that are moving through congress right now to mandate Medicaid coverage for CPM services on the federal level. "
(excerpt from an email written by Suzy Meyers, who is the Seattle Midwifery School Midwifery Education Chair and on the Board of Directors, National Association of Certified Professional Midwives.)

Check out the Campaign's website.

Learn, grow, and SUPPORT this incredible effort.

*** I birthed both of my children at the Puget Sound Birth Center. If you are in the Seattle area and looking for healthful birthing options...check them out!! ***

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Celebrate Adoption...a new and necessary Collection

I am not adoptive parent. I'm not going to pretend to know what it is like to go through the process - both financially and emotionally, or understand all that is entailed - but, I do know how connected I feel to anyone who raises a child: biology does not play a role in the action of being a parent.

I was contacted by Laurie Good a while ago, with a graceful invitation to be featured on her blog - and noticed that, not only did she have one of my favorite foods in her blog title (Pho...nummy!!), but that her blog focused on adoptive families.

I started creating jewelry because I, personally, feel that jewelry should
mean something to you. There should be an emotional tie to it and/or needs to represent something. I don't know if I feel like this because jewelry is worn so close to your skin...because Indian people have all these customs and traditions about certain stones and metals touching your skin and can 'heal' or change your fate...whatever it is, it's incredibly important to me that the jewelry I wear means something.

I Googled "adoption jewelry" and some interesting pieces were brought up. There are a lot of little sayings that go on in the adoption world - so I started to broach the subject with Laurie. I wanted to create jewelry for adoptive families - but I really wanted their input
. And their input, was amazing - and eye-opening!

I, as I'm sure many others, have always put this 'awe' and "how honorable" badge towards the families who adopt. What I never really thought about was how the person who carried and birthed the child is equally worthy of the awe and honor. I also learned that most of the phrases attached to adoption, were not appreciated by the adoption community...

So far, I have three pieces in my Celebrate Adoption collection - but I know there will be more. There is the Nature & Nurture Pendant Set, The Forever Family bangle trio (three interconnected bangles, with personalized charm), and The Sun, The Moon, and The Sea Pendant (explained below).

Laurie came up with this amazing analogy to explain the connection between the birth mother/first mother, adoptive mother/family, and the child by using The Sun, The Moon, and The Sea - this absolutely kick butt poem she wrote (Laurie is AMAZING!!) - really brings it home:

Nature and Nurture ~ by Laurie Good©

I, the Moon,
And, you, the Sun,
We, together, shape the one

The one that will grow,
The one that will be
Vibrant and strong, he is the Sea

The Sun gives him life,
The Moon helps him glow,
One presence he will feel the other he will know.

The Sun gives him warmth,
The Moon guides his tide,
Nature creates what Nurture will guide.

I, the Moon,
And, you, the Sun,
We, together, shape the one.

It gets you a little choked up, doesn't it? This is the piece that I created: The Sun, The Moon, The Sea
Each little charm is created using eco-friendly fine silver. The Sun has a sparkling Citrine stone, the Moon has a Sapphire, and the Sea has Aquamarine. The backs of each charm, true to The Pretty Peacock style, has an ornate pattern - just in case it flips over, you are still looking at something beautiful!

I have so many design ides kicking around in my head: I just need to find the time to bring them to fruition...and I will...because this is the very reason I love doing what I do: creating pieces that will be cherished and treasured, and most of all, MEAN something.

♥ ♥Laurie is hosting a giveaway on
her blog that I am sponsoring ~ check it out for your chance to win one of TPP's Sparklette Tags and get a discount code!! ♥ ♥

** Nature and Nurture poem by Laurie Good is copyright protected and CANNOT be used in any form without express written permission from Laurie Good.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

On to Sandier Pastures..GIVEAWAY

Grace, of the Sandier Pastures Blog, has, um, gracefully agreed to host a giveaway for TPP!!

What's up for grabs? A 'win-it-via-giveaway-only Personalized Pendant Fairy Charm Necklace: check it:

Check out the Sandier Pastures blog, follow the directions to enter and WIN!!!

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