Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Little Something New...

Mother's Day had me pooped! But also got me thinking about new designs for all the Mama's out there. I have grown a bit tired of seeing stamped disks - I have tried to add a little something different to my disks: a fancy bail, a channel set crystal, a special charm...but it's still a disk - NOT that that is a bad thing - after all, most everyone seems to be drawn to them! It's just a little, hmmm, tired?

I am, personally, drawn to jewelry that has character - nothing that screams "HEY, I'M A MOM AND THESE ARE MY KIDS' NAMES AND THEIR BIRTHSTONES" - that's just not me.

Small, but stunning. That's what I was after. So, I created a new line called "Sparklettes" and it is part of our Good Karma Collection - which is all created from fine silver and therefore is eco-friendly by nature (fine silver is reclaimed silver - no harmful mining is used to procure it).

I am going to be adding a few more styles, but currently, there is the Sparklette - The Circle, and Sparklette - The Tag. Both of these designs have a unique pattern that is actually a part of the silver - not just engraved on the top. A birthstone can be embedded and then just a single initial goes on the Tag, while a full name can go on the Circle.

These are meant to be small, so both of these are under 1/2". That makes it way easier to layer them up if you have multiple hoodlums running a muck, or if grandma has a brood - it also makes it super simple to add on another charm when another member of the family enters the world!

If you put in SPARK in the discount code area at check out - you will get 10% off your first Sparklette order!! So shine on and do a little something good for your Karma!

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