Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Now THIS is What I'm Talking About!!!

What a fabulous idea...a way to create a wishlist with only spectacularly awesome handmade wares...check this out:
I was sooooo excited when Amazon created a wishlist that wasn't just "Amazon" related - allowing you the ability to add items to your wishlist from ANY retailer...well "My Handmade Registry" has done the same thing - but WAY better - because it's all HANDMADE!!!!!!!!!

Have a wedding coming up? This is a great way to support artists and get some phenomenal, one of a kind presents for your new little lives together!! (so sweet!!)

What about a birthday? I know I'm kinda hard to shop for (hey, I like what I like) - My Handmade Registry will allow you to create your wishlist and email it off to everyone who needs to get you a present!!

Graduating? Moving into a new place? Just like to get stuff from people? My Handmade Registry is the place for you!!

Sign up, get your wishlist started, and support buying handmade!! Ohhhhh...and look-y who is featured on one of the front page treasuries...it's me! :)

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Dorana said...

thank you SO much for adding this wonderful feature about our website to your blog! :o)

siempre - dorana

Janet and Maya said...

Congratulations - lifelong learning isn't it?

Garner5 said...

This is a really great idea! With our 10th anniversary coming up this would be a great idea. Maybe this year I'll get something I'll cherish instead of another box of chocolates! (-: