Friday, February 13, 2009

Something New...

With Mother's Day coming up and graduation around the corner, I wanted to create some simple, personalized pieces that can be added to over time. These are my new FlyLeaf Birthstone pieces. Each one is created using fine silver - which is eco-friendly by nature. I LOVE fine silver. It is such a fun material to work with - especially since I love texture and it takes to it perfectly. You also have to love the fact that it's Earth friendly.

These charms are 5/8" in diameter and have a really pretty leaf and flower imprint. I embed a birthstone of your choice and you can even personalize the back! I offer the charms on their own, or you can pair them with a bracelet, necklace or key chain. The best part is - you can keep adding charms as a new family member is born - or whenever the mood strikes!

Little more info on Fine Silver:
Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver vs. sterling's 92.5%. This means fewer alloys are present in fine silver. Fine silver doesn't require mining to procure - so it saves the planet from all that chemical run-off and exhaust that enters the atmosphere.

My GOOD KARMA Collection is full of eco-friendly pieces created from this 99.9% pure silver material...check it out!!


Annie Pazoo said...

The new charm are beautiful! I love all of your work :-)

Katie, Kevin and kids said...

These birthstone pendants are beautiful. Wonderful art work!