Sunday, February 1, 2009

Everyone Loves Give Away's!!!

I am being featured in a give away on the ever-fantastic Maternal Spark until February 14th!

You can enter to win one of my GOOD KARMA Precious and Tiny Heart Pendants with a sapphire stone (the very one pictured here!).

My GOOD KARMA Collection are my fine silver pieces that are ECO-FRIENDLY! Fine silver does not require mining to procure - so all that harmful icky stuff that comes from mining - you know, leaching chemicals into our water and soil, causing irreparable damage to the Earth's surface....none of that comes from fine silver. Fine silver is actually 'reclaimed' silver from the tech industry - crazy, but true. It actually starts in clay form (probably heard of Precious Metal Clay or PMC) and suspends millions of the tiny 'reclaimed ' silver particles inside of an organic binder. When heated to high temperatures, the organic binder burns away, leaving only pure, 99.9% vs. Sterling's 92,5%, high grade, beautiful silver.

Don't get freaked out by the idea of 'reclaimed' - fine silver is just as high of quality as sterling. But not only are you beautifying yourself by wearing these lovely treasures, you're keeping the planet beautiful, too - now THAT's GOOD KARMA!!! :)
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Anonymous said...

Very nice jewelery.I like this.Thanks!!!
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Annie Pazoo said...

Sigh. All of your work is SO beautiful! I just love your style. Yes, it IS very good karma! :-)

The Pretty Peacock said...

Thanks so much, Annie!! I hope you entered over at Maternal Spark!! :)

UxCritter said...

You've been Tagged! See my blog for details.

UxCritter said...

A very beautiful piece that some lucky person will win!