Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Fabulous Find on Etsy...

My daughter turned three on Monday. She is a very girly little girl - despite the headlocks she puts her 6 year old brother into!

I wanted some special favors to bring to her preschool class since they don't allow cupcakes or cookies. It's hard to find something fun and different - that doesn't entail icing or sugar - that expresses the festive and fun nature that a three year old birthday event should entail.

I found this great shop on Etsy called:

These beautiful favor boxes are handcrafted and then assembled to look like a cake. I filled it with little Hello Kitty tattoos, stickers and play jewelry - it was a HUGE hit! I ordered the "Princess Birthday Party" ensemble - gorgeous, rich hues, silky bows and a lovely touch of bling provoked a ton of giddy excitement from the preschoolers - and their parents when pick up time rolled around! It also came with a sparkling tiara, earrings and a ring!!!
Rachel, the owner of Paper Cakes is incredibly sweet, shipped my cake out right away (in great packaging and Priority shipped!) - check out her Shop for your next special event!!

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Janet and Maya said...

Happy Birthday! Your daughter is beautiful!!! My Maya is going to be four in November. I need to remember this pretty and fun!

Mmmmm, another design potential idea. In the adoption community, we say our children are "born in our hearts". A pendant with those words, a heart, and a birthstone would be a beautiful piece.

Thanks for a great blog, beautiful jewelry!

mayacarpenter at verizon dot net