Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Little Something Special for a Sister...

When you are little, being someone's older or younger sister is such an honor: You look up to your oldest sibling and emulate him or her to the best of your ability and as you grow through your life, you may not emulate as much, but you continue to respect and cherish the relationship (speaking from the Little Sister perspective here, as that is what I am!!).

As the oldest sibling, perhaps welcoming a new little bundle into the family, you hold the place as role model and protector, leader and confidant. You're there to show the ropes and although it might prove cumbersome at times, I don't think any older sibling I know would trade it.

I created "Big Sister/Little Sister pendants" that can be personalized with their place of honor, as well as their name and Swarovski birthstone to show off their sisterhood.

These are lovely, sterling silver disk pendants that are hand stamped and carefully finished to become a treasure they may keep in that ballerina jewelry box for the rest of their lives.

If your little one is about to become a big sister for the first time - acknowledge it and make her feel as special as she is!

And don't leave out the younger princess - she holds a place of honor, too!

(Each pendant is $36 complete with 16" sterling silver chain. Please visit: to purchase. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly:

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Anonymous said...

OK, I just had to say, I LOVE this pendant! I love all of this particular style, not just the sisters, but the 'moon' design too.

Great design! :-)