Sunday, September 28, 2008

Craft Fair/Art Show Banners Done Right

Since I opened my shop on Etsy (April '08), I have changed my way of thinking in several ways. I have now joined the ranks of those who find disdain in the mass produced. I am now willing to shell out extra bucks for handmade, one of a kind, high quality, small batch, sent-with-love purchases rather than finding something that a million others could have bought and then been disappointed at the shotty work of it.

I'm digressing, so let me get back to why I wanted to write this post in the first place: Craft Shows/Art Festival Banners. I am attending my very first all handmade extravaganza in a public scene on October 5th (Chop Suey, in Seattle!!), which is called I Heart Rummage. I needed a banner - but not a cheesy, blah-di-blah banner I have seen at fairs/festivals. I wanted something that reflected my shop and me a bit better.

Etsian to the rescue: soccerdad1. I put out an alchemy request and got some excellent candidates. Soccerdad1 provides an email proof so that all parties know what they are getting in a finished product. He had my gorgeous banner completed and shipped to me - in my hands - in less than a week!

I was able to have him create a banner in FULL COLOR, with my lovely peacock, my font and even my textured background (picture does not do it any kind of justice).

He will even put grommets wherever you need them. High quality materials and expert it!

I know we have a ton of choices in Etsy-land and some of us have tried things from sellers that didn't quite meet our I had to make sure I sang the praises of this great seller!

If you have a need for business cards, or a banner - check out his shop - you won't be sorry!!


Amanda Conley said...

Great to know...I just finished handpainting a new banner for my booth in an upcoming show but it took me forever. So if I ever need anything else, I think I'll get someone to do it for me! I'm willing to spend a little money to save me a lot of time!

Scott and Susan said...

I would tell you good luck at your first craft show...but you don't need it. Your passion for your craft will make your pieces sell like hotcakes. Again, you amaze me at your creative finds, the banner looks great!

Erin, maker of chimes said...

Your banner turned out great, I'm going to keep that shop in mind for my display at shows next spring!

shupg said...

such a great banner! I sold at a craft fair once and had some other booth blocking now, yours is a great way to attract attention to your booth! Great job and thanks for sharing!
shupg (