Monday, September 22, 2008

Awareness Jewelry

I love the fact that some brilliant person came up with the idea of awareness ribbons. They are so subtle, but incredibly recognizable - I love that.

I had a customer ask me to create a custom piece for her for Food Allergy Awareness. This affliction has become more and more of an issue - especially among children.

I wanted to share this design with you and let those who have a loved one with a food allergy, that there is a way you can show your support with elegant style!

This piece is created using a stylized, sterling silver heart pendant that is hand stamped with your choice of words (this particular customer chose this beautiful phrase: Angels protect my son - that can be both a statement and a request!). You can choose to put your child's name - or anything up to roughly 18 characters.

A sterling silver, crystal encrusted teal ribbon is added to the piece and it hangs from a gorgeous 16" or 18" sterling, twisted serpentine chain. The price of the piece is $36 plus shipping.

Please visit my Etsy shop: or email me directly : to create a treasure for yourself.

I can also create awareness ribbon jewelry in the following ribbon colors (all of these are crystal encrusted ribbons):

~Autism (mulit-colored)
~ Breast Cancer (pink)
~ Lung Cancer (clear)
~ Cancer Awareness (lavender)
~ Pregnancy and Infant Loss (blue and pink)
~ AIDS, MADD and Heart Disease (red)
~ Kidney and Leukemia (green - this ribbon has one single crystal)
~ Pancreatic, Thyroid, Alzheimers, Fibromyalgia, Cystic Fibrosis, Cancer Survivor (purple - this has one single crystal)
~ Support our Troops (yellow)


Jay said...

This pieces are nicely crafted which they look stylish and arrogant.
Custom Diamond Jewelry

Anonymous said...

Does your thyroid ribbon have the multi-colors of teal, pink, and purple?

The Pretty Peacock said...

Hello !

Yes it does - for a photo and/or more info, please email us at:
We look forward to hearing from you!