Monday, August 11, 2008

Ramblings of why I love what I do...

I make a LOT of custom pieces - they are honestly my favorite pieces to make because it allows me to be intimately connected to that particular piece of jewelry. I have made pieces for wives from husbands and vice versa, mother to daughter and vice versa, pieces for best friends, memorial pieces for babies who didn't make it into the world. Touching, beautiful, sentimental pieces of jewelry. I base my entire jewelry making philosophy on the idea that my pieces are not meant to just match your outfit for the day, my pieces are meant to be treasures, keepsakes, heirlooms. I want them to be cherished and there is no feeling that matches the one you get when you receive a letter or email from a customer who tells you how much they cherish the piece of jewelry I have created for them. How much their 'so-and-so' was moved when she received her gift.

I stumbled into jewelry making; it was not something I had formal schooling for or a skill that was passed down. There have been times that I wish I had gone to college for metalworking or some form of fine art because perhaps that would make me that much better at what I do, or had a family trade taught to me by practiced hands. But now I have realized that I am so very lucky that I have come to this point in my journey by happenstance, luck, or fate - or all three!

I feel that I am free to create pieces without knowing that there is a right or wrong. I keep adding new dimensions to my pieces as I pick up a new skill, run across a book that talks about another technique that intrigues me. I feel unharnessed. I love it.

I would never have pictured myself as the person that I am today if I were asked ten years ago. Time has guided me to get married (which I never thought I would do), have children (which I thought I may do, but never become a stay at home mother), let go of the pretenses that had guided me up until that wonderful point in my life where I said "enough". I am pretty much all the things I never thought I would be - and thank God for it. Really.


UxCritter said...

Change can be wonderful! When we allow it. good for you for following that beat to the other drum. You're creating some very unique and wonderfully crafted pieces that are making a lot of people very happy. That's really kind of cool!

Bejeweled said...

Hi there! Linked back to you :) Love your posts! And your work :)