Wednesday, August 13, 2008

~ FEATURE ~ BijouGirl Designs

I love Etsy and all the incredible talent on it. I am going to be featuring an artist that has either just started out or is well established - either way, they are fabulous, fresh, and FEATURED here!!! Show them some love!

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Amanda from Bijougirl Designs!

What’s your craft, how long have you been doing it and how did it start?

I'm a metal (silver and gold) smith. I design and make jewelry.

What’s new for the upcoming holiday season in your shop?
Oooh, I have lots of new things in my shop! Perfect gifts for any girl or woman!

What’s your favorite item in your shop and why?
That's a hard one. Everything I make, I love and would wear. I become very attached to my creations..., but if I had to choose one right now, I would say my "Little Tang and Coral Necklace. My husband just bought me a Kole Tang fish for our salt water aquarium, so I got the idea from that. I love little fishies!

Do you think formal schooling in your craft helps or hinders?
Formal school definitely helps. I am mostly a self taught metal smith (I have had a silversmith mentor, though), but my college background is fine art. I definitely think that having all those art classes up my sleeve has helped me in my career.

How do you keep your creative energy?
I don't beat myself up about different seasons of inspiration and creativity. We all have dry times. But when I want to get get the creative juices flowing, I go on a trip, or go outside. Then I get out my sketch book and draw. Buying a few new supplies don't hurt either.

What are two of your favorite Etsy shops and why?
I just recently bought four mini tiles from Elemental Clay Studio. I adore Heather's porcelain skills! I also really love the rad graffiti on Re-surface's lampshades!

What are three tips you would give to new Etsians?

1. Take really good pictures (outside in the shade if possible,)

2. Get involved in the Etsy Community,

3. Be patient and promote, promote, promote!

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