Sunday, August 24, 2008

Colloboration Etsy Style

I decided that I wanted to work with other Etsians on a collaborative jewelry piece. It was a long process of thinking how and what would work. I wanted to stay true to my style since the piece would be in my shop, but I wanted to incorporate the work of other talented Etsians, as well. I have always been fascinated with vessels - I cannot even begin to explain why, but I have. I love the idea of wearing a little vial of sweetly smelling pick-me-up essential oils and have the vial be a lovely piece of jewelry. So, an idea was then born. Phase I: I searched Etsy and came across InfiniteCosmosGirl and the glasswork that is done there is fun, festive, full of energy and good juju. I contacted them and they created lovely vials for me to my specifications, but with their artistic integrity. They are all gorgeous.

Phase II was the essential oil. I am working with three different Etsians to create scents that will go with my vessels, however, the first piece I have created has a scent crafted by RosemaryGrace. She named her creation "Peacock Feathers" and it's the signature scent for my shop - very cool!!

Phase III was to include my touch to the piece. I created a fine silver charm with the world "awaken" hand stamped onto it, added a Hill Tribe sterling silver flower charm, and sprinkled a freshwater pearl into the mix. Strung it creatively onto a sterling silver rolo chain, and voila! My new aromatherapy vessel pendants have launched.

These pieces are sold as sets - the pendant/vial set along with a dram of essential oil and a handy dandy pipette to transfer the fluid.

I love this piece for so many reasons. Collaboration in art allows you to grow. I learned quite a bit in the process of creating this piece. This is the first of probably five pieces. Look for them - they are all one of a kind and incredibly unique!! Hope you fall in love with them like I did!!

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UxCritter said...

Wow! Etsyians are atune in creativity. I just ordered sterling silver topped vials to hold my essential oils for around the neck. I am so big into essential oils that I thought I'd start sharing the blends I make.

Your idea to collaborate the entire creation is wonderous! A fine end product!

Oh for the love of creativity. I think your essential oil blend as a signature scent is such a topper to the whole experience. All the best!