Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bath and Body a la Etsy

I just turned 30 (well, almost two years ago, but I like to round down) and I am learning to accept the fact that I'm getting older. I have a new abundance of gray hairs emerging, fine lines and general weirdness that was not there five years ago. In my efforts to change my eating habits, integrate more exercise and de-cluttering my mind of excess, I have changed what I put on my face and body, too.

Since I have a shop on Etsy and spend waaaayyyy too much time in front of my computer, I decided to check out some of the bath and beauty people on Etsy so that I can take one more step to detoxify. There are so many talented individuals! I was a bit apprehensive to actually put something on my face, hair and body that wasn't produced by some big corporation (sad thought, huh?), but I went for it any way. And now - there is absolutely no going back.

I have started purchasing my bath works from GudonyaToo - holy moley, their stuff is AWESOME!! My faves: Whipped Clean Body Wash, Body Milk, Salty Dawg Shampoo, and their Perfume Solid and Stinky No More Deodorant. I'm completely addicted to their Tahitian Vanilla scent (it's heavenly!!!). Their products are well packaged (a must for me!) and are sold in generous amounts and WORK!! I was on the fence if the deodorant would do the trick - I'm not a super stinky girl, but I don't want to be either!! This stuff is great! Dab on a little of the perfume solid and you're smelling the sweetest all day long.

My face care products have been coming from DressGreen (they are in the process of moving right now, but they will be worth the wait!!) and Sun Kissed Bud. DressGreen has this renewing facial serum that has carrot seed and Lavender in it that I swear to you has made my skin tone improve. I use it as a night time moisturizer and it sinks right in and doesn't have that ultra-greasy serum-y feel that most serums have. I also use DressGreen's "protective and moisturizing facial cream" for the day time - it has a natural sunscreen in it and smells a bit like coffee, excellent for that morning pick-me-up!! Sun Kissed Bud has an excellent facial cleanser that has tea tree oil and lemon - another great way to wake yourself up in the morning! I foll up with her Lavender Firming Face Toner - relaxing, soothing and smelling terric. I also use these incredible washcloths from Antoinette's Boutique - they are actually created from that incredibly soft 'minky' fabric and make the best washcloths I have ever used on my face!!

I'm a total make up junkie - I could seriously spend two hours in Sephora - easily. I needed to clean up my act though. After reading about all the nastiness that commercial products are made out of, I opted to try out more natural goodness from Etsy. I have tried out a couple of really incredible mineral make up artisans: Pink Quartz Minerals and Mixology Make Up (this company has incredible outreach program). Each shop has great sampler packages so you can find your shade - not to mention the free samples!! I'm pretty hard to match foundation-wise, both shops were great about finding me the perfect shade. Feels great on and is good for your skin, too - marvelous!
I love all the new good-for-my-skin products I have found on Etsy. If you have an amazing bath and body product you would like to share - tell me!! I'm always looking for lovely smelling, healthy alternatives for bath & body.


MixologyMakeup said...

Thank you so much for including us! I also use Dress Green and Gudonyatoo! ;)

Fairhaven said...

Fabulous feature on handmade bath products and mineral makeup - there really is no going back once you make the switch away from commercial products! And thank you so much for including DressGreen in your review :)